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  1. Hardcore troubadour

    Literally just flipped to Hannity

    Hannity is a cheerleader, true. Tucker is the man. He goes most shows and barely mentions Trump. He's much more about the culture war, immigration, and some Russian hoax mixed in.
  2. Hardcore troubadour

    Covington MAGA Kid (aka smirks like Hitler) sues WaPo for $250,000,000

    Bezos owns it. It's not getting bankrupted. It probably doesn't make any money now.
  3. Hardcore troubadour

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    Thanks Bier. I only eat it to be polite. It's not horrible though, but they don't know what a decent tomato looks like.
  4. Hardcore troubadour

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    Ever go to a Japanese Hibachi place and they give you that weak salad with the Orange looking dressing? WTF is that? I tell myself it's ginger but I don't know. Anyone?
  5. Hardcore troubadour

    National Emergency

    I think cracking down at the ports of entry yet leaving the border open is a fools errand indeed. Let's give both a try.
  6. Hardcore troubadour

    National Emergency

    Well, we never had a wall before. That would be a new strategy.
  7. Hardcore troubadour

    National Emergency

    Well, society pays an awful high price for the drugs that are consumed now. Logic dictates it would be far worse with legalization. Your idea is impractical and absurd. Thanks for playing.
  8. Hardcore troubadour

    National Emergency

    Including heroin and meth? How about crack?
  9. Hardcore troubadour

    Remember when Rob Van Winkle tricked the world?

    Didn't trick me
  10. Hardcore troubadour

    National Emergency

    So, we should just legalize them?
  11. Hardcore troubadour

    National Emergency

    Oh, so if we stop them at the ports of entry, where all the drugs supposedly come in, then we will have less drugs, right ?
  12. Hardcore troubadour

    Guy slaps his daughters 12yo bully (boy)

    It's funny when whitey says "grown ass man". Lol.
  13. Hardcore troubadour

    Guy slaps his daughters 12yo bully (boy)

    He was only the step father, not the real father.
  14. Hardcore troubadour

    National Emergency

    Less will get here.
  15. Hardcore troubadour

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    I keep thinking of Henry Rollins when I hear Black F%G