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  1. Hardcore troubadour

    The Rabbit Hole / Sandy Hook

    I find it odd that you think It was all a fake and those kids didn't die like that. And those parents haven't been suffering painfully ever since. That you think that is the weirdest thing of all and worthy of an ass kicking. I hope someone does it if you ever run your mouth about your stupid thoughts IRL.
  2. Hardcore troubadour

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Huh? I feel emboldened to say that Putin wasn't interfering on the side of Trump. Not saying he wasn't interfering, but because I'm not blinded by stupidity I can say Putin doing it on behalf of Trump doesn't make sense.
  3. Hardcore troubadour

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Why would Putin want Trump to win? Russia sells a lot of oil and gas. America has been holding back on getting our oil and gas to market. Trump promised (and has) to change that. Hillary said the opposite. It never made sense.
  4. Hardcore troubadour

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Wow. Brings kids into it, again. You're like school on Saturday.
  5. Hardcore troubadour

    Best action movie star

    I can honestly say if I had the choice I would watch a Tom Arnold movie before I would watch an AS movie. True Lies would be a problem, I know.
  6. Hardcore troubadour

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    That was easy. I'll have to keep that lure for next season. Works great! Bavaro>>>>>>Witten/Ertz. It is known.
  7. Hardcore troubadour

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Had my fantasy draft yesterday. Got Jimenez for 27 on a 260 budget. Trout for 64. AL only. Can't wait!
  8. Hardcore troubadour

    Gronk.....peace out!

    They lost to the NFC east 3x. Stands to reason the NFC east wouldn't have been an easier road for them, as you claimed.
  9. Hardcore troubadour

    Gronk.....peace out!

    Sure. Pay no attention to those three super bowl losses.
  10. Hardcore troubadour

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Hard to believe that a Jets fan who grew up in New Jersey doesn't know how great Bavaro was. I guess you were too busy at the comicbook store. Lol.
  11. Why don't we just go back to when blacks and women couldn't vote? And add latiinis to the list too? It would solve a lot of these issues and we could all move on.
  12. Hardcore troubadour

    The Rabbit Hole / Sandy Hook

    Ok genius, tell us what there is to see?
  13. Hardcore troubadour

    Gronk.....peace out!

    Well, they already have the first steps towards, it Division championship and HFA.
  14. Hardcore troubadour

    The Walking Dead - Season 9

    Notice no white males have any posistions of authority anymore?
  15. A teen killing them selves is a lot different than an adult doing it. Shouldn't be looked at the same, and I don't know why someone would.