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  1. You all still sittin around all day writin stooped sh!t on the internet? You need to get out the house, get some puzzy and beer. It's pretty fockin cool out here.
  2. trumpurethra

    Whats the point?

    It's fun to drop in here every couple weeks and rattle cages but sometimes I seriously wonder about many here. When you really don't like people. When you're angry and bitter. When you think the world is going to hell. Why go on? Seriously... You all gripe about people of different race and ethnicity. Whether its about immigrants at the border or blacks and Mexicans in the ghetto. So whether you acknowledge it or not, your racist. You all gripe about women, many here openly disdain them unless they are subservient to their man. No attractive woman with her sh!t together is going to go for that bullsh!t. So all you alpha/beta tards are either married to fat ugly women or women with issues or you don't tell them about it. If you're married at all. Im not a "feminist" or anything. Nor do I put women on a pedestal. But I don't think less of them than I do of anyone else. I sleep around a lot but am not a pig. Treat women as equals with respect. Like I do anyone else. You all are straight misogynists. Again, whether you acknowledge it or not. You think the world is out to get you, the straight white man. WTF this one blows me away the most. This sh!t is batsh!t crazy and I know for a fact none of you go around professing it in public because you know you'd be ridiculed. That is if you even go in public. By a lot of what I see here I doubt many of you leave the house on a regular basis other than to go to work or the grocery store. And then you complain about even doing that. How people are dumb and in your way. Finally the talk of population control. Talk about unhinged. This sh!ts psychotic. So, bottom line, you are miserable and don't like people at the very least. So whats the point? Why not take one of the many guns you own and swallow the barrel? Oh and I almost forgot......lol....this sh!t cracks me up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFNO2sSW-mU
  3. trumpurethra

    yay we can kill babies up until birth now

    You trumtards will make sh!t up to get mad about. Seriously you guys need some puzzy. As with all of this type of legislation in every state, anything late term will only be to save the patients life or if the baby is terminal. Focking trumptards go crawl under a rock or something.
  4. trumpurethra

    MASSIVE tax returns for low wage earners

    Hows that golden arches retirement plan working out for ya? Seriously, where the fock you work where everyone makes $20k a year? Walmart? Not sure about this on the low income end. Seriously doubt it to be honest considering the source. I do know I am going to get an accountant this year. Trump focked us on deductions and I will be paying more. But unlike the toilet dwelling turd that started this sh!tty thread, I don't mind giving a little. Just going to hire someone to help mitigate it a bit.
  5. trumpurethra

    War w/ Venezuela?

    need to find someone to go to war with....they good as any I suppose
  6. trumpurethra

    Government shutdown...

    Doesn't effect me either way personally. Just find it funny the guy who said the quote below (and many, many others about how he is the best deal maker ever) is now presiding over the longest government shutdown in US history. “Deals are my art form. I like making deals, preferably big deals.” – The Art of The Deal
  7. trumpurethra

    Second hand pot smoke/drug test

    Lol you're a dork.
  8. trumpurethra

    NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions

    I'd go Colts beat the queefs. I'd go over 57 as well. Cowboys probably lose but I'd take the points. Take the under as well. Chargers beat the pats and I'd take the over. Saints crush the eagles by 2 td's at least. I'd take the over.
  9. If you b!tch about people doing normal sh!t that people do you are both an azzhole and a beotch. HTH
  10. Pats, chargers, or saints. Like to see the old guys get it done
  11. Hahaha because their lives suck man. It is obvious. Their job sucks, their friends suck, their wives are fat, they can't get laid, etc., etc. Probably mostly because they can't get laid. They are miserable and think life is bad. Think about trumps slogan. MAGA....seriously, I mean america is pretty fockin great already. Besides 08-10, my life has kicked all kinds of azz and I always thought america was pretty fockin awesome. So why do we have to make something great that already is so? He speaks to the miserable man. Most of the people here are reasonable normal folks. But there are a handful of trumptards like hardcore sucksomemore, eteranally shiny and retarded, and kid c0cksucker, and a few others that are the textbook definition of trumptard. The very epitome of what most normal people think of trump supporters. Angry, misogynistic, racist, whoa is me, the world is out to get the white man, dumazzes. And the internet gives a voice to fools like them. On both sides. It always has been that way, the internet. Always has been a place for retards and fringe people. I mean who the fock wants to write sh!t on the internet all day? Only miserable people. Normal people, people with lives they enjoy are out of the house away from the screen. But it is kind of fun getting the tards fired up lol
  12. trumpurethra

    Could you survive being single now?

    Best decision I ever made, will never marry again. I will probably settle with a woman when I get older and retire. Sit on the porch, drink beer, watch the sunset and shoot the sh!t. Got to have someone to do that with eventually. But not yet. Right now I am enjoying myself immensely. My only regret is I didn't do it sooner. I had fears of not being around my kids enough, didn't want to be that 2 weekends a month dad, knew I'd miss my kids too much. As it turned out, my oldest moved in with me while she goes to school and my youngest is chompin at the bit to move in with me. Moms lame and I'm awesome. But she has a huge group of good friends and we don't want to rock that boat. I have never been closer to my oldest. She thinks my womanizing ways are gross. But we have an agreement. She doesn't judge me for that I don't judge her for being a millennial (too sensitive, attention span of a gnat, face always in a screen, take everything personally, etc, etc). So we get along great. To the guy above who says he is going to tough it out, don't do it. Don't stay in a loveless relationship. You will regret it immensely later on. Besides, it will fock your kids up more being around a toxic relationship. JMTC
  13. trumpurethra

    2019 FY Government Budget

    But I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall? Lol suckers. That sh!t ain't gettin built. Look, we have all seen the pie chart. 80% of government spending consists of (in order of cost) military, social security, unemployment and welfare, and medicaid/medicare. The other 20% of spending is broken up among several other departments at roughly 1-2% each. Basically, the only thing that matters is the big 4. As of 2018 numbers, we take in 3.4 trill and are spending 4.4 trill. So we take in roughly 75 cents for buck we spend. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see you need to cut one of the biggies to make it balance. But..... Cut military and those people are in the private sector looking for work. Unemployment goes up. Take in even less than 75 cents. Cut social security....yeah right, never happen. Riots in the streets f it was even attempted. Welfare and unemployment, could look here but too much and consequences would be same as above mentioned social security. Besides, not a big enough slice so wouldn't be enough to balance it. Medicaid/medicare is just like social security. Also the smallest pieces of the pie when considered individually. So can't get there just by cutting one of these. But hey lets build a wall that the pres swore we wouldn't have to pay for but actually do. That sounds like a good idea. Idiots.
  14. Dude the Europeans are commies. They don't know wtf they are doing. Didn't you get the memo? Lol google is conspiring to take over the world, jeebus krist this place is bat sh!t.
  15. trumpurethra

    Protests In Paris

    Yeah I agree to a point. You can't just get any degree and get paid but college is still the best way to get paid. Gone are the days of any 4 year degree landing you a good job. But a 4 year degree in nursing, pharmacy, accounting, business management, engineering, and a few others will get you paid a living wage starting right out of school. Some, like nursing or a pharmacist, will get you 5-6k a month or more right out of school.