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  1. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    the POS car

    Enter a demolition derby with it. Go 50/50 on the prize money with a desperate driver. Enjoy watching revenge on the POS for every time it let your down or embarrassed you. Hopefully win prize money.
  2. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Who are you rooting for and why?

    Im rooting for the Patriots because I was born in Southie. Never changing allegiances.
  3. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Least important position other than K/P?

    Any player restricted to special teams only - other than punt returner. Kick returner nearly useless in the current rules configuration.
  4. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    I think there best play is to put minimum effort into winning in 2019. Bet on some good sounding veterans at the end of their career (Latavius Murray? Mike Wallace? Dez?) with one year prove it contracts ... draft for 2020 development or trade picks and players forward. Would give time to See how Guice and Smith return from injuries, and create an underdog story for 2019. But no, cant see them winning NFC east next year.
  5. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Help Me Pick Keepers

    If you can start three RBs, Adams goes. If not, keep Adams and explore trade value for Conner.
  6. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    State of Emergency Declared

    We should build a wall to keep these cold fronts out.
  7. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Super Bowl player picks

    If you need a punter, id Go with that Johnny Hekker.
  8. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    If I were the Panthers, id Look seriously as Cams window is closing (if it hasnt closed). Maybe include trade Matt Kalil to help make the numbers bearable for both teams, and round out with players or picks.
  9. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    FOCK... being force transferred again.

    Albuquerque has a pretty active scene ... at least according to TV shows, right?
  10. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Roger Stone Arrested

    I saw Sarah Sanders on CNN stating that this is about Roger Stone and has nothing to do with the President. The question is can I believe what I saw on CNN? Edited to add: 36B
  11. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    OT Coin Flip Change

    If fair chance flip of the coin isnt fair enough, Make it part of home field advantage ... that way, the fans in the stadium get what they came to see and the road team has greater incentive to go for the win during regulation. My concern with team who had the lead or greatest time of possession is that it may systematically lend itself to giving the offense the advantage of a tired defense ... as was the case for NE vs ATL in the Super Bowl and perhaps this championship game too.
  12. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Keeper Question

    Mahomes is only clear answer ahespad of draft and camp. Can you package two of these RBs for a top 3 WR or RB?
  13. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    What age is safe for kids to be home alone?

    11 was about right for ours. Had older babysitting the younger at 12.... not overnight, but significant periods.
  14. Tickets around $300 on stubhub now. Doubt they drop much lower ... good luck on seats to see the Pats win!
  15. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Mysteries, Crimes of our Generation