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  1. SenatorRock

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    Video from 3 years ago, Zion vs 5 in a brawl outside a club. You'll never guess what happens next. https://mobile.twitter.com/bdell_1014/status/1107424990733971456?s=21 (NSFW language) Evidently this is fake news. Still entertaining.
  2. It was higher. 5 seconds on Google will break your heart.
  3. Remember when that dude on MSNBC had a copy of Trump's returns and hyped it all day? When he finally opened them on air they showed that Trump paid more in taxes than Hillary, Bernie, and every other person who has run for president in history. (I am winging that last one) I member.
  4. SenatorRock

    New Zealand Shooting

    New Zealand is now arresting people who share the video and banning websites that linked to the video. 4chan, 8chan, and LiveLeak are on the list. Oddly, Facebook, the site he used to actually livestream the event, is not banned. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/new-zealand-mobile-carriers-block-8chan-4chan-and-liveleak/ It is amazing how they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. If you disagree with the man in charge you will be silenced.
  5. SenatorRock

    New Zealand Shooting

    Those #resisters went in raw on Chelsea. I disagree with them but it was nice to see her squirm after some of the dumb shite she has said lately.
  6. SenatorRock

    When was the last time you "Won the day" here?

    http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/leaderboard/?csrfKey=b5b11875102382c8804485c5c5488d89&time=year In the last 12 months HT and Wiff are the top two like getters. The top liked post was 6 likes.
  7. SenatorRock

    NCAA POOL - You're welcome to join if you'd like

    After 5 minutes searching their site, and another 5 minutes searching Bing, I still haven't found anything that mentions how they take payment. Sounds sketchier than an India based crypto-wallet.
  8. SenatorRock

    NCAA POOL - You're welcome to join if you'd like

    How do we pay? Mail a check? IOU? PayPal? I'll take a PM with the link
  9. As for the arrests, he was a college student who hopped the fence to go for a midnight swim. Who hasn't done that after a Pearl Jam concert? And a DWI? Meh. The memes are funny and worth pushing just because they are effective, but I doubt many really care about those youthful discretions. The fantasy about running over children is a little disturbing. Beto comes across as the spoiled son of a judge who acted out (cross dressing, murder fantasies, skateboarding) because he didn't fit in. Now that he married a billionaire's daughter and is the chosen one he will have enough handlers to keep his school shooter tendencies in check.
  10. I think Beto has potential, but not for 2020. He has less experience than Obama did in 2007, he is being funded by dark money and adopting their bat shite crazy socialist ideas, he has no backbone (already apologized half a dozen times for stupid PC shite), and he is a white male. He is not what the left is looking for in 2020 and he would get slaughtered by Trump in a head to head campaign, and most likely doesn't even have what it takes to defeat the Dem field. If he can get a good trainer/fixer to teach him how to not look like a coked out frat boy when he speaks, let all the minor dirt run the news cycle, develop a few campaign platforms that don't involve socialism, acknowledge that he is a white Irishman and not a Mexican, win a Senate or House seat and then do something meaningful, continue to build his war chest and outreach... He would be a solid contender for 2024. Bernie has the socialist market locked up, Biden has the white market locked up, and the other dozen insert victim class here candidates have those markets locked up. Beto would be wise to use 2020 as a learning experience and stepping stone for a 2024 run for POTUS or even VP, setting him up for the future.
  11. So you didn't bother to read the facts? McCain actively sought to remove a fairly elected president. Imagine, hypothetical of course, that Bernie somehow won the 2020 election. Then you find out that John Kerry, or Chuck Schumer, had been coordinating with a foreign agent in an attempt to prevent him from taking office. Would you consider that normal behavior? McCain is a disgrace and a traitor.
  12. Maybe instead of whining like a biotch Wiff should read the facts. McCain/his butt boi flew to England to get a copy of the dossier, then hand delivered it to Comey, then leaked it to multiple press outlets. Those are facts. Statements made under oath by the butt boi and Obama FBI guy Bill Priestap. McCain is and always was a traitorous POS. He should have died in that hole in Vietnam, but karma got him with a slow and painful death in the end.
  13. The victim was a female? The victim was over 18?
  14. SenatorRock

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    As for the story in the OP, they stabbed and set on fire one of their own. I dgaf if they want to cleanse each other. Same with gangbangers of any race.