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  1. It's stupid to even talk about reparations. Can we move ever move forward? People stuck in the past hoping to cash in.
  2. The burden isn't on the GOP since the system is already in place to give smaller states a say. The burden is on you to convince the smaller states to nullify any say they have in Presidential elections.
  3. EternalShinyAndChrome

    New Zealand Shooting

    You pushing forth lies and fake news/narratives doesn't help anyone.
  4. EternalShinyAndChrome

    New Zealand Shooting

    Not a single thing of what you said is true. You're just pumping prescribed talking points. by your logic, the guy who shot up the Republicans at the ball field would mean that Bernie's advocating violence and we could blame him. If that's your logic and you're willing to standby it then you need to apply it equally to everyone. There is no moving the goal posts like you're trying to do here.
  5. Socialized medicine has never ever been a great system. It hasn't even been a good system. It hasn't even been an okay system.
  6. She's just saying anything and everything to get anyone to vote for her. The problem is everyone sees right through the pandering and how fake she is. She ruined her chances for president long before she even jumped in the race.
  7. Pepperidge farm also remembers.
  8. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Mike Tyson vs Steven Seagal

    Wow. Seagal lost a movie fight? I don't think I've ever seen that in any of his movies before.
  9. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Nigeria shooting

    Never understood the idiots who get all riled up over the handle someone uses.
  10. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Nigeria shooting

    Pretty sure he thinks he "gotcha!!". The TDS crowd is not only hysterical about Trump, they have a hysteria for alias's too. Which is funny and hypocritical considering Wiffletard is also an alias.
  11. Trump has been living in your head rent-free for almost 3 years now. It's painfully obvious its driven you mad. 🤣
  12. Fixed, for accuracy. You should at least be truthful when posting, okay wiff?
  13. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Official El Beta (aka Robert Francis O'Rourke) 2020 POTUS Thread

    Sure it was, more so towards the end of his first and beginning of 2nd term so Trump certainly did not rewrite the book. The only thing he did was tweet more, but he wasn't doing anything vastly different than anyone else. It was the Obama and Hillary campaigns are the ones that really went heavy with social media, data mining, etc... Jesus, HRC spent over a BILLION dollars for her campaign - that was all tech and media.
  14. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Lawmaker jabs teen in the face

    This. When you poke a bull, don't be surprised when you get the horns. Not nearly enough of these lessons for our young men and women as we've raised them to think they can do anything without consequence just because they are under 18 and/or a woman.
  15. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Official El Beta (aka Robert Francis O'Rourke) 2020 POTUS Thread

    That's a flat out lie. If anything, this all started with Obama and THAT'S not even debatable. With the Democrats, it's all style over substance. I'm convinced the Democrat party base is all 14 year old girls.