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  1. Brrrro

    QB and TE

    For this week: Foles or Goff? Brate or Vernon?
  2. Brrrro

    Which Eagle?

    Yep. Ertz and Bryant, no doubt.
  3. Brrrro

    Finals defense

    Eagles (vs. Oak) Panthers (vs. TB) Steelers (@ Hou) Who do you like?
  4. Brrrro

    Finals QB help

    Well, I'm in the finals. I made it there through awesome QB play all season, but alas all three of my QBs have found their way out of their teams lineups in week 16. Wentz was serving me well til hr got hurt. Rodgers recovered just in time to fill the void but now he's done too and there are not many great options available to help me win it all. I have Foles. Start him? Waiver options available: Bortles. Eli. Winston. Dalton. Damn. Thoughts?
  5. Brrrro

    Which QB?

    Rodgers is officially out. Of that group, I'd go with Goff.
  6. Brrrro

    Pick a flex receiver

    Juju vs. NE Kupp @ Sea Sanu @ TB Keep in mind I'm also starting Julio Jones and I Devonta Freeman. Don't want to start too many Falcons, BUT the last time they played TB both Jones and Sanu had monster weeks. Thoughts?
  7. Brrrro

    Semi Finals Pick 2

    Dede and Sanu
  8. .5 PPR. Who do you like this week? Kupp, Sanu, or Juju?
  9. Brrrro

    Which TE?

    Who do you like for my semifinal matchup at TE this week? Brate, Ebron or Clay?
  10. Brrrro

    Trade: Terrible or reasonable?

    Nevermind. I decided to accept, but when I did someone else had pulled the trigger on a similar deal. Gave up Mike Evans for the same two. Damn...
  11. Brrrro

    Trade: Terrible or reasonable?

    Duh. I forgot to mention my other starting WR is Julio Jones.
  12. Give: Keenan Allen Get: Demaryius Thomas and Duke Johnson Ok, at first sight this might look like a horrendous trade but... I have solid receiver depth: Sanu, Cupp, Kearse, Corey Coleman, Dontrelle Inman. I have two running backs. Gurley and Devonta Freeman. Freeman has been killing me the last couple weeks and the RBs on waivers are horrendous and this past week cost me a game, knocking me out of first place. Do I consider this? Or is it still too lopsided?
  13. Brrrro

    Which WR

    Hill and Cooks
  14. Brrrro

    Antonio Brown Trade Offer

    Too much to give up, even for Brown. Kamara is a legit RB1.
  15. Brrrro

    Waiver wire RB help

    Ekeler or Rod Smith this week..? Thanks!