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  1. the lone star

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    OL was solid before it got banged up. That's a nice start for sure. Make some savvy moves in free agency and draft players at some of the positions you mentioned and they could be alright. Remember, they were in 1st place before Alex Smith went down.
  2. the lone star

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    Peanut Butter Jelly Time?
  3. Man, this kinda reminds me of the Chris Watts case tbh. RIP Shanann, Bella, CeCe, and Niko.
  4. Name some Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019. And by role player, I'm not thinking of someone like Godwin, I'm thinking of someone who plays less than 50% of the team's offensive snaps.
  5. the lone star

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I really appreciate it!
  6. the lone star

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    Cowboys are decent, Eagles ain't bad, and Redskins will have a nice schedule. Don't sleep on the NFC East.
  7. the lone star

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    So in one of my dynasty leagues, we have a free agency system set up that allows a player's previous owner to place a "tag" on said player. If the tag is placed on that player, then the owner says something along the lines of "Tag Player At $10." So if another team wants to make sure that the player doesn't go back to the original owner, the other owner can say "Match Player At $10." Thus, the new owner is now bidding $10, and has caused the previous owner to renounce his rights to the player. However, anybody else can come in and increase the bid on the player after that, so Team C can say "Bid $11 on Player" and now Team C is the highest bidder. Team B can continue to bid on the player after this, but Team A (the original owner) cannot. Unfortunately, the Commissioner of my dynasty league uploaded the tags and started free agency about 2 weeks late. Furthermore, when he did upload the tags, the price that each tag was at had increased by a dollar due to how the system was set up. Previously tags were done by the messaging board, but this time around he used MFL's internal bidding system. For what it's worth, he was able to secure a player during last year's free agency when it was messaging board only. Because of this goof, an owner who decided to match a $10 bid was told by the commissioner that he would have to actually pay $11. The owner pointed to a message he left on the message board and how he clearly indicated "Match the bid for Player at $10." The commissioner admitted that he made a mistake when inputting the bids, but said that since he started free agency two weeks late, and that other players were also tagged (and currently being bid on), he just couldn't reset free agency. The bidding owner was understanding of this, and asked if he could get the $1 back once transaction was completed. The commissioner did not find this to be a suitable solution for some reason and said that only the $11 payment (which, again, the bidding owner did not consent to) would suffice. The bidding owner then asked if instead of resetting all of free agency, that the bid on the one player he bid on could be reset. The commissioner gave this some thought, but eventually said no, and demanded the $11 instead. What do you all make of this, and how would you all resolve the dispute? The commissioner admitted to the fact that it was his own error, but is still demanding that the other owner pay due to someone else's mistake. What do you think the best solution for this is? Should all the tags be reset since the commissioner goofed on them, or should only the one tag in question be reset? Should the bidding owner be compensated for the $1 that was mistakenly taken away from him, or should he be forced to pay regardless of whose mistake it was? Keep in mind that the average team only has around $50 to spend, so the $1 overcharge is somewhat significant in the sense that it represents 2% of a team's bidding allowance. MANY players have been won for $1 in the past, so the bidding owner actually has a valid claim about how it negatively effects his strategy, especially when given the fact that he clearly indicated his intent to match at $10 and not pay $11.
  8. the lone star

    Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    Meh, sometimes feeding the trolls can be fun. I had a good time with them in this thread.
  9. the lone star

    Kareem Hunt's True Value & Talent

    Is Kareem Hunt That Good Or Did He Play In A Good System? Other Andy Reid RBs who had decent-phenomenal games and/or years 1. Duce Staley 2. Westbrook 3. Shady 4. Jamaal Charles 5. Charcandrick West 6. Spencer Ware 7. Damien Williams 8. Bryce Brown And I'm sure I'm missing some other fill-in type guys with the Eagles. I like Hunt's game on the field, but I also feel like he benefited a lot from Reid and his system. What do you all think?
  10. the lone star

    Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    Both single. One divorced actually.
  11. So an Eliminated Owner in my league No Longer Cares because he is out of it now, But he is Making A Trade where he is giving up the best player in the deal. The deal is still fair per our trade calculator, but when the Vice Commish reached out to him about the deal, the owner seemed indifferent to it going through. To test him, the Vice Commish sent a lopsided offer (Vice Commish was receiving the better end) and the owner accepted the deal. Since it was just a test, we aren't processing that trade, but what about the first one where it passes our trade-calculator test? As of yet, the indifferent owner hasn't told us if he will be leaving, so he could be back, but we do have a waiting list. Nobody has been picked from that waiting list though, so I guess it's still the indifferent owner's team. But our thinking is that he (the indifferent owner) will probably not be back next season. The 2nd owner in the deal REALLY wants the player as he is in the championship game this week (no trade deadline in this league), so should we process the trade? What do you think?
  12. the lone star

    Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    polls are fun. I like the Inception type of polls, where you have polls inside of polls inside of polls.
  13. the lone star

    Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    Go for it. I like the name and avatar btw.