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    Unique Scoring Settings...How Much Impact?

    The scoring will be higher, but looks like it will be higher for all players. Stud players in standard format are still going to be stud players in this format. The only thing I might do differently in this league is draft a stud QB earlier in the draft since passing TDs are worth 6 points.
  2. Since you would still have Collins for RB depth I would make the trade. You have to start 3 WRs and Theilen is better than any of your 3rd options at WR. For me easy decision, give up a player you hope sits the bench for a guy you expect to start for you all season.
  3. aer2033

    Keeper Advice

    With that lineup in a 16 team keeper league I doubt it will matter. I don't see how you don't win it all. But I would keep Robinson.