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  1. Cover3

    So. Many. Injuries. Pick 2 WR!

    I answered all others but yours. I did not see it, or a link.
  2. Cover3

    Streamer QB? Jackson/Tannehill/Foles

    Jackson all day.
  3. Cover3

    Rodgers or Lamar?

    Same situation for me in one league, but I'm out of the money, so not a big deal. I am, and would if I were you, sit Rodgers.
  4. Cover3

    Tough QB decision

    Brady, by a hair.
  5. Who would you play today? Standard scoring besides 5 catches is equal to 3 points. NY run D stinks, but Samuels has potential for more points with catches in a better offense. I'll help you. Thanks!
  6. Cover3


    This is tough. I see them both scoring this week. I'll take Cohen by a hair.
  7. Lost Sanders for the year and now OBJ is out. Need to start 2 WRs and I'm torn. Standard scoring besides 5 catches is equal to 3 points. Choose 2 between: S. Shepherd vs TEN C. Samuel vs NO J. Reynolds vs PHI I am also starting the following Goff Samuels or Conner (if active) J. Jackson (Gordon out) Kittle Kelce Thank you in advance!
  8. Cover3

    Would you reject this trade?

    Thanks guys. I own team 2 and thought it was a good trade for my team to upgrade with a guy like Rodgers.
  9. Cover3

    Who should I start?

    ARob and DT.
  10. Would you reject this trade or let it go through (as a league member not involved in trade)? What is your philosophy on rejecting or allowing trades? Team 1 (1-2) Rodgers, Eli Callaway, Gordon, Kirk, Grant Barkley, Lindsay, Michel, Riddick Graham, Njoku Crosby Bears Team 2 (2-1) Stafford, Baker Hunt, Fournette, Conner, Collins, White Cooper, Funchess, Goodwin, Shepard Kittle, Burton, Cook Gould Seahawks TRADE Team 1 trades Rodgers Team 2 trades Baker, White, Cook Team 1 is a Baker fan, is concerned about Rodgers injury, and clearly needs help on his roster. This is a public league where nobody knows one another.
  11. Cover3

    Gronk for Conner and Kittle?

    We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, K, DEF
  12. PPR league. My team: Stafford, Bortles Hunt, Fournette, Conner, Collins, White Cooper, Goodwin, Funchess, Shepard Kittle, Burton, Cook Gould Streaming D I'm worried about my pass catchers. Keep Conner and roll with TE's I have? Hope Bell never comes back? Try to trade Conner for WR? Guy wants Conner and Kittle for Gronk. He won't take Burton. Thanks.
  13. Cover3

    Conner Worth

    I am in the same position with Conner in both my leagues. In my PPR league I was offered Gronk for Conner and Kittle. I'm torn. I love Brieda so for you I would probably do the deal.
  14. Cover3

    James Conner for DeVonta Freeman?

    Thanks for your input.