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  1. mamk0402

    Would you reject this trade?

    well since he needs help at receiver I dont see where Cook and White help him. this is a dumb trade but not one that should be rejected.
  2. mamk0402

    Trust Cooper Kupp?

    I have D Adams and Tryeek as my two locks at WR along with Gurley and Miller at RB. Kupp is a flex along with Carlos Hyde. But they both have tough matchups this week - hence the question. Ginn, Marshall, A MIller and Tyrell Williams are the other options for either flex spot. thx
  3. mamk0402

    Should I do this trade (auction keeper league)

    I would totally make this trade before he sobers up.
  4. mamk0402

    Trust Cooper Kupp?

    Would you guys consider Cooper Kupp a weekly lock or match-up dependent? Do you see spot plays this week from Ted Ginn or Brandon Marshall?
  5. mamk0402

    P/U Kerryon - drop who?

    Why wouldn't you just stand pat? You've got plenty of depth and frankly Jamaal Williams might end up being who you need to drop instead of Mack or Carson.
  6. mamk0402

    WRs on the Wire (Geronimo / Ryan Grant)

    i think you stay with Funchess now that Olsen has gone down. Look at Devin's numbers last year with Olsen out. Especially when you look at the Colts upcoming schedule. Allison is going to have some big weeks, but he's going to have some duds too and you're never gonna know when.
  7. Is Austin Ekeler, Jalen Richard or Buck Allen gonna have enough value on a go-forward basis to replace a player like Ty Montgomery, Bilal Powell or Theo Riddick?
  8. I think you'd be foolish to pass on guaranteed production from Sanders or even Shepard. Gordon is doubtful at best and frankly, I think they'll run it alot and dink and dunk their way to mediocrity. I think Landry and Njoku get the most targets as long as Tyrod starts. If Mayfield takes over it's a different story. He takes chances deep.
  9. mamk0402

    Trade Advice

    take Keenan and the 2nd. AJ Green is not a lock.
  10. mamk0402

    D.Henry or JuJu, 12 team standard

    that's a bit of a loaded question right? I've found in drafts that the WRs drop off pretty significantly after the 5th round. Since you have two studs at RB and presumably your WR1 in round 2 and WR2 in round 4, if you can get Carlos Hyde, Adrian Peterson, or Mark Ingram in 6 or 8, then you can take best available in 5 instead of DHenry who's in a timeshare. I think you get more bang for your buck with JuJu in 7th and you could pick up Emmanuel Sanders or better and be set.
  11. mamk0402

    Rookie WRs vs Veteran Depth

    12 Team Half PPR Hyper Competitive League Wondering about whether to keep K Benjamin or drop for Anthony Miller. My starters are DAdams, THill, and CKupp. Tyrell Williams, Allen Hurns, K Benjamin and DJ Moore round out the bench. Miller was recently dropped when Keelan Cole was picked up (yes I lost that bid). Rest of team is Brady, Gurley, Miller, Hyde, T Montgomery and Kerryon Johnson