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  1. BufordT

    When was the last time you "Won the day" here?

    Only from the mange board.
  2. BufordT

    Patriot on Amazon Prime

    ID: postyiscool PWD: buthasnofriends
  3. BufordT

    Patriot on Amazon Prime

    Stumbled across this prime original series over the weekend. Never seen a show quite like this. S1 had 10 episodes....S2 had 8 episodes. Easily in my personal top 8-10 series. Mostly unknown actors but this show had some of the best dark/dry humor I've ever come across. Wasn't highly publicized by amazon for whatever reason and the name Patriot I don't think helps much either. It's about an intelligence officer on the verge of depression/breakdown. Litmus test. If you decide to check this out and don't get a good laugh within the first 15 minutes then don't bother, this show ain't for you.
  4. BufordT

    When was the last time you "Won the day" here?

    August 17, 2016. Never knew I won a day until I saw this thread and looked it up. Not sure how I can win a day.....I don't post much. What does winning a day even mean?
  5. BufordT

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    When he looked out the window in his NYC apartment he could see the entire state building.
  6. BufordT

    MLB Rule changes

    Still, I'd rather have an unbiased, consistent strike zone instead of the personalized strike zone human umpires create.
  7. BufordT

    MLB Rule changes

    How the QuesTec(sp) or computerized strike zone (or whatever its called these days) isn't mentioned in any of this is beyond my comprehension. I think batters would def be for this not to mention 90% of fans.
  8. He knew what to add to his powdered water.
  9. My effective tax rate the last 3 years. 2018 15.6% 2017 16.8% 2016 15.8% Effective tax rate might be the wrong term. I'm coming to the %'s by subtracting my tax refund from tax withheld then dividing by taxable income. i.e. (tax withheld - tax return)/taxable income.
  10. BufordT

    First woman to play NFL?

    Agreed. She'll eventually get suspended for ped's....just a guess.
  11. I'm sure I'll watch a little more SNB if they do this.
  12. If everyone around Trump gets caught lying, how can you not see he never tells the truth. Get a grip FF. He's just like all the rest of them.....probably worse.
  13. BufordT

    Geek Golf Outing - Vegas

    I have to work those days.
  14. BufordT

    MLB gets rid of the DL!

    Gocolts must like this news
  15. Don't really know, don't really care. Wasn't really my point. I was just saying. But if I were to take a guess at your questions....I would say they tried to release the tapes at a point when the most damage would be done. Obviously, it didn't work.