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  1. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Padma Lakschmi

    A woman like that would never give me the time of day, but daydreaming about her might help me get though a tough day.... 😍
  2. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Public Shaming

    I agree, CNN focuses on having multiple people on for a wider debate, and they do a decent job with the spread (not too radical toward either end) for the most part; though having twit's like Van Jones on is sickening. I think Tubin might be my favorite overall....that guy is flipping awesome.... Tucker likes to keep it limited, but will bring on people who just wnt to overtalk all the time and it tends to devolve into a stupid p!ssing contest....
  3. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    One Scary Perv

    This is what freaks me out, I am convinced people all around me are focked up....and you have no way of knowing until they act out. I monitor the local sex predator registry for my area and THAT map is distressing. When I see those focko's lurking about i keep a wary eye on them....
  4. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Public Shaming

    Oh wow....how did I not see that....jesus...
  5. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Google Stadia

    May cause rectal bleeding, dizziness or death 😂
  6. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Public Shaming

    Tucker is in no way perfect, and there are instances where I absolutely disagree with him, but for me he is far less of a d1ck than Cuomo or Lemon. I find their politically-laced positions to be repugnant because they still portray themselves as journalists. In terms of the current goons I can "take" Cooper is still there, Blitzer, and Carlson as well...i do not devote to any one, or one over the other....but without the spread i am only getting a single thread of propaganda.....mostly, i prefer BBC at this point
  7. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    One Scary Perv

    That is crazy, he never showed any inclination toward odd behavior at all?
  8. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    What do you make of this??

    Idiotic, senseless....
  9. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    One Scary Perv

    And beats his arse.... 😁
  10. No doubt. I can understand why they are doing it, and considering their other moves it makes sense. They are doing many things to build a plurality, such as immigration and seeking to get the vote to younger people. It makes me uncomfortable.
  11. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    One Scary Perv

    Yeah, one of the downsides to being a smarmy finger pointer is that you do open yourself up to some extra scrutiny i think; Hansen should know this i think....
  12. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    One Scary Perv

    Would not surprise me, though in the hierarchy of crimes, doinking kids is pretty far up there...
  13. I have to concede this point. I prefer the electoral system, with its faults, over the pure vote system with its faults. JMHO
  14. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    LeBron is a focking loser

  15. That makes sense. the electoral college was setup to protect all voters equally. So that the value of votes is more true, the more populace regions could not rule over the less, I think it does a good job in that way.