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  1. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Life comes at you fast: Creepy Porn Lawyer edition

    Who could have seen this coming?
  2. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Why do people think sandy hook was faked?

    Thanks for sharing, this is hard to listen to, but fascinating. And I agree on Alex Jones, if there is a hell I hope his stay is epic...
  3. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    I am simply unwilling to allow myself to become the kind of filth you find predominating on the left. I hope that others who hold conservative ideals also align to that. If we are to fix a political system rife with corruption and dirty deeds, we have to SHOW liberals how NOT to be that way
  4. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    I am not interested in having conservatives behave like liberals. I want them to hold themselves up to a higher standard. Let's not become THEM, we lose ourselves if we treat them the way they treat us. If there are provable acts that violate laws, fine, get on with it and apply accountability. But I prefer they not do what the Dems do......latch on to anything and use it for political power gains.
  5. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Florida man Challenge

    Florida.....always on the move to overtake California as America's sh!thole....
  6. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    For some, I think punishment will be warranted. But I do not wish to see a vindictive and vengeful response, that is a leftist/Democrat behavior and I would find conservatives doing that to reprehensible. Any accountability should be focused on laws, if it cannot be proven, do not waste time and tax dollars on it. Time to move on, we can see the Dems, CNN, others for what they are......that should be enough for now.
  7. Perhaps. I cannot recall any protests like these little weasels are doing. Misusing racism and other labels as weapons to crush people who disagreed with us. We made fun of millenials and genx'ers and that was funny, there is nothing humorous about the evil of this generation
  8. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Mike - Bring back the pictures

    Man you are insistent to day....ok, just a taste... Link
  9. I see most of them as teenagers for alot longer than when I was that age. We grew the fock up, got jobs, bought cars, busted our arse building a career......this generation has been told to whine and do little else...
  10. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Any hikers here?

    Depends on where you are hiking. A compass is sometimes valuable, walking poles can make it easier, water shoes if you are doing something like the Narrows. Depending on the level of hiking, you may need a few extra things. But in general, for your average situation, i think you dont need very much
  11. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    What if it's found that Trump did help the Russians

    I am afraid not. CNN has already shifted the narrative, and shows no sign of not continuing the daily assault....
  12. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    If there are actual violations yes, but I hope he does not repeat the clearly immature and vindictive actions of the Dem's. I do not want to waste any time on it unless there is actual legitimate reason to believe they did violate the law in a real way. My hope is that the conservatives can rise above the behaviors of the leftists, to show them, the world, and the American people how to act....how to be a rational and fair person.
  13. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Mike - Bring back the pictures

    Not here..... pffft..... Plus, do not underestimate the bounty of whoahs to be found on instagram
  14. Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

    Any hikers here?

    If you are interested, Angel's Landing in Zion is now open again....
  15. I am 100% behind making gerrymander a federal felony. I am aware of some of the defense for it, none of which I accept.