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  1. sheadtoo

    Silly question board help needed

    log out then back in
  2. sheadtoo

    Anyone Got Plumbing Experience?

    late to the part i know.....there is probably rust or something blocking the water inlet disconnect the water at the tank and flush the line
  3. I picked Rodgers in round one and came back with Brady in round 8 and now i actually have to pick between the two for week one....standard Yahoo scoring anyone???
  4. sheadtoo

    Do we have a Land Man on the board?

    If you do have a well, i'd probably want something like annual water tests as well,so when you can light your water on fire you have something to fall back on!
  5. sheadtoo

    pick 3 WR standard scoring

    Gametime pitty bump
  6. sheadtoo

    Pick One RB to Start Plse

    I think I go Forsett
  7. sheadtoo

    Pick 2 Wr

    I think I go Floyd and Colston. Philly's DB's stink NO will throw forever I don't like QB3 against Dal and Johnson hasn't done squat all year
  8. sheadtoo

    Trade Advice

    I'd want more for someone putting up 20+ points every weeks. that said....it is not a bad deal at all. I would be asking for maybe Vereen too
  9. sheadtoo

    Need Trade advice

    I think I would do that all day. RB are pretty much a wash and Brown has been steller all year.
  10. sheadtoo


    no scoring makes it hard but I don't see the upgrade i wouldn't do it.
  11. sheadtoo

    Would you drop Holmes for Crabtree?

    how is Crabtree NOT on a roster???? That is a whole other question.....I wouldn't I think Holmes will get enough garbage points to keep him relevent as a bye week filler you need.
  12. I'm with this guy. Miller needs to show a little more to suplant your 2nd round pick don't you think?
  13. sheadtoo

    Which one would you pick for RB2 today?

    Lets start this right and say.....EWWWWW! Then I think I'd go Starks then maybe Dixon