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  1. cbfalcon

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    He is great, dominant in college, a freak, etc. That said, he feels like a guy dominating on athleticism as opposed to a skill set. His athletic advantages will shrink at the next level. Then he is a 6'7 PF-C that can't shoot and isn't an elite rebounder. I guess I don't think he will ever be a guy that can lead a good team in scoring year after year, but I do think he can be a helluva piece. I'd love him in Dallas obviously, with Luka handling the play making and Kirstaps as another dominant scorer. His offensive game would seemingly fit perfectly with them. I admittedly haven't watched his defensive play close enough to make a call there.
  2. cbfalcon

    i ~stick

    I won't even consider this bs if you don't start responding to trade offers. There is no offseason in the DNDL.
  3. cbfalcon

    i ~stick

    Mobb isn't allowed to just quit that easily. He needs to waffle, burn some bridges, scorch some earth, make a bad trade, then get talked back in......then 3 weeks later he can quit again. I don't want Mobb to go. He is a tentpole, a pillar, a load bearing wall. And if we let that piece of shiit win a title and then retire with it, it opens up a line of jive talking in which he can try to claim he retired as champ and nobody every actually unseated him.....and that's my type of line, not his.
  4. cbfalcon

    Jack the Ripper Identified with DNA

    I learned two things reading that article. 1. I didn't know there was a sexual assault element to those murders I guess. 2. Only 5 victims? That is not a resume worthy of the killer's infamy.
  5. cbfalcon

    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    Basically the thread moved to the other board and went strong for awhile. Then Med started telling way more entertaining stories than I had, so I attempted to gracefully transition into more of a spectator. But the wrap up would be: I kept going pretty strong with it until mid 2014. Then I met a girl on Tinder that I got serious with for about 6 months. After that ended, I got back on it. For a year or so, I still had good results. To this day, I still have a profile on there, but I’ve essentially stopped dating the last 3 years or so, simply because I’ve mostly lost interest.
  6. Whoever created that really messed up by not calling him a "RADICAL socialist". I wouldn't hire him to create any more social media messages after such an obvious mistake like that.
  7. cbfalcon

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    If the Masters is next, that must mean the preseason is over and it's time for me to go ahead and start putting up W's. Cool.
  8. cbfalcon

    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    I had so much more T in 2013.
  9. cbfalcon

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    Actually, I just went back and checked and I was mistaken. It was Riversco and not you implying a Civil War was imminent. I apologize for that.
  10. Actually yes, I just went back and checked and I was mistaken. It was Riversco and not you implying a Civil War was imminent. I apologize for that.
  11. Well, now that the right wingers on the forum have determined that the younger white male moderate dem from a Republican state is also a horrible candidate, I guess we will move on to the next one. I have a strange feeling they will make the same determination with whoever that may be, but i don’t want to assume anything.
  12. Wait. I’ve been drinking tonight and didn’t realize CB stood for Rosario’s boyfriend. I didn’t even make that mistake to be funny. He is decent looking though.
  13. cbfalcon

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    Was this the Civil War 90sbaby keeps talking about? Did we win?
  14. cbfalcon

    New Zealand Shooting

    No we aren’t. But I see the allure in believing such things. The anticipation. You don’t have to wait for something to actually be real before you get to go ahead and blame the other side for it. And the belief in the event gives you a feeling of being righteous. It’s a very powerful mixture.