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  1. cbfalcon

    Quoting Ann Coulter today of all people

    I think you are a little off. What is happening here is the thing where we know you will dismiss the views of anyone you consider to be a liberal. But if we can point to a super hard right conservative saying it, we think maybe you will stop and think. Everyone does it. If MSNBC posts something positive (or not negative) about Trump, he retweet’s it and says “Even MSNBC realizes......” and so on. So it’s not “championing Coultier”.....It’s “even conservatives are saying....”....normal debate tactic, everyone does it, I love you.
  2. cbfalcon

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    How many points that get me? 8? 10?
  3. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    We are in the midst of the peak Culture War. It’s what you want, I believe. That means if a person or an organization supports a specific cause, they will be perceived as supporting the entire Lefitist Agenda or the entire Righty Agenda. It’s especially obvious when you read the ACLU’s ridiculously biased opinions on fracking.
  4. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    No you aren’t
  5. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    Yep. Ann Coulter explained it clear as day. In this instance, she hit the nail on the head.
  6. cbfalcon

    Kaepernick rebuffs offer to return to Pro Football

    This is the league that fought Tom Brady for years and was willing to go to Supreme Court over it. Yeah, the PR hit matters, but I don’t think they cave and pay him off unless they are worried about losing.
  7. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    Oh, I would have to go back and look, but probably you and some other posters.
  8. cbfalcon

    Manafort: 19-24 years + $24mil

    Damn, so now the judges are in on the fake witch hunt.
  9. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    I usually do agree with people that say African Americans cry racism too much....but then I read multiple regular posters here making white supremist posts, and I realize I was way off.
  10. cbfalcon

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    My bad. I’m up by 9
  11. cbfalcon

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    I checked some of the scores just a moment ago, and it looks like I'm up by about 6.
  12. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    Do you guys consider "needing to do something" as a prerequisite for declaring a National Emergency? Trump doesn't. This guy is the best.
  13. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    You can say this is only a big story because the MSM made it so.........I would disagree and instead argue that this situation is a big story because Trump went to rally after rally and lead the crowds into chants about the wall, because he has tweeted hundreds of times about the wall, because he gave a national address from the oval office about the wall, because they bought advertising all over the country leading up to the 2018 elections and made it about the wall, etc. But whichever of us is correct doesn't really matter. What matters is the entire nation is watching this one.....thus, the gambit in which a candidate tells the nation she/he will simply bypass Congress to impose their ideas is now very much available.
  14. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    I don’t know the specifics of that executive order. Did congress address it and vote on it the same day he declared their bill that he signed to be a national emergency? Almost anything can be justified by pointing to some act from the past. But the common public isn’t aware of mostly of those past acts. This one is the biggest story in the country. Candidates will be able to run campaigns on the promise to declare certain things a National Emergency, and it’ll work if the numbers are on their side.
  15. cbfalcon

    National Emergency

    Climate Scientists say climate change is an issue. Stop thinking so much in terms of Republicans vs Democrats and start thinking in terms of how you want our checks and balances to work, if you want congress to maintain any powers, etc, keeping in mind that Trump will only be president for another 0-6 years.