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  1. Whoever created that really messed up by not calling him a "RADICAL socialist". I wouldn't hire him to create any more social media messages after such an obvious mistake like that.
  2. cbfalcon

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    If the Masters is next, that must mean the preseason is over and it's time for me to go ahead and start putting up W's. Cool.
  3. cbfalcon

    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    I had so much more T in 2013.
  4. cbfalcon

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    Actually, I just went back and checked and I was mistaken. It was Riversco and not you implying a Civil War was imminent. I apologize for that.
  5. Actually yes, I just went back and checked and I was mistaken. It was Riversco and not you implying a Civil War was imminent. I apologize for that.
  6. Well, now that the right wingers on the forum have determined that the younger white male moderate dem from a Republican state is also a horrible candidate, I guess we will move on to the next one. I have a strange feeling they will make the same determination with whoever that may be, but i don’t want to assume anything.
  7. Wait. I’ve been drinking tonight and didn’t realize CB stood for Rosario’s boyfriend. I didn’t even make that mistake to be funny. He is decent looking though.
  8. cbfalcon

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    Was this the Civil War 90sbaby keeps talking about? Did we win?
  9. cbfalcon

    New Zealand Shooting

    No we aren’t. But I see the allure in believing such things. The anticipation. You don’t have to wait for something to actually be real before you get to go ahead and blame the other side for it. And the belief in the event gives you a feeling of being righteous. It’s a very powerful mixture.
  10. cbfalcon

    New Zealand Shooting

    Well, with your prediction of “someday” and “the next one”, I suppose nobody can ever show you you’re wrong. So you’ve got that going for ya.
  11. cbfalcon

    New Zealand Shooting

    Sandy Hook didn’t qualify? Or Orlando? Or Vegas? They are waiting on a better one? And how come none of us left wingers know about the plan? Or is the thinking that if a few Dem extremists start kicking some conservative ass, people like I will join in? And how we will know who to attack? Sure, sometimes I can tell which way someone is likely to vote simply based on looks, but with a vast majority of people, I wouldn’t be confident enough to just start attacking.
  12. Oh, you didn't understand my post. Oh well.
  13. Yes, it is very honest of you to act like everyone should care about something you don't actually care about. Very honest.
  14. cbfalcon

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    We have a Tour 18 here and I've played it 5 times I think. If memory serves, I've kept it dry on that hole 4 of 5 times, and birdied it twice. My thinking is.....I still suck bad enough that I'm used to fearing repercussions. But having a short iron in is still novel enough to get me excited...........Whereas those jerkoffs are so used to short irons in, that the rare case in which there are tons of repercussions is the novel emotion. It's not the most well thought out theory, but I am going with it....and I'm better at that hole than the pros obviously.