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  1. kpbuckeye

    Floaters in the can

    Are you going to throw your woman down the stairs again bc I upset you?
  2. kpbuckeye

    Floaters in the can

    I see MDC is still a welcher. Is he still a secretary?
  3. kpbuckeye

    If You Could Give Advice To Anyone Here.....

    MDC Don't be welching garbage
  4. kpbuckeye

    Are we heading towards a civil war?

    Yea, its fox news...lol make more excuses Obama. so much for the hope and change garbage. Should have called it divide and lie.
  5. kpbuckeye

    Confirmed Sasquatch Sighting in China

    This was the first thing that came to my mind.
  6. kpbuckeye

    It's great that Grambling - Ga Southern is on

    Racist! Shame on you for being white.
  7. kpbuckeye

    The Inconvenient truth of racial crime In America

    Sometimes the truth hurts.
  8. I am going to wear my 'White Pride' tshirt to work tomorrow.
  9. why is it that sissy girls like you cry racism so much?
  10. Prison ain't easy...lol j/k i still look in every so often. is the secretary welcher still around? hope all is well dude!
  11. kpbuckeye


    its a pic that has the twin towers in background, a bald eagle, flag, real patrotic. it has a pic of anna nicole in there that says 'never forget'
  12. kpbuckeye


    I was telling the guys in my office about it bc Anna nicole came up. Everyone wants to see it. I had it saved on my old computer and forgot to transfer it It was pricless sick humor.
  13. kpbuckeye


    Hey edjr, do you still have that pic of anna nicole that said never forget? could you email it to me or post it please?
  14. kpbuckeye

    This place has died since I left

    Wow this thread brings back some memories. you have to give mdc and qlazz some credit, welching ain't easy.