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  1. Ez

    Start 'em / sit 'em sites

    http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/2010/01/Tue/GBGWK01.html His projections are pretty conservative. It's rare that he goes out on a limb but I do like his commentary on each game. http://www.fantasysportscentral.com/football/cheatsheet.asp I do like the weekly cheatsheet. I go with my gut week to week but when I am really torn between 2 players, I just go with the cheatsheet. It's a good resource when used correctly.
  2. Ez

    Santana Moss

    I wanted Moss in my money league. Unfortunately he went a little early. He was drafted late in the 6th round of a 10 team league. It looked like McNabb was really looking to get the ball to him in Week 2 of the preseason. He targeted him 6 times and the chemistry was developing. I like Moss to go over 1,000 yards receiving with 8 or 9 TDs this season, providing McNabb plays all 16 games. 80 catches seems about right. Hell, if he can get 70 catches and 900 yards last year with Jason Campbell at the helm, I think he will get 10 more catches and 1,000+ this year.
  3. Ez

    Week 17 SuperBowl

    In order to have just one more game for everyone in our league, we have a "Pro Bowl". The Super Bowl Champ is decided in week 16 and in week 17 all owners come back in for one more game. Highest scorer of the week gets $50. I know that many teams are resting or partially resting players but it's better than our season being over and doing nothing in week 17 !
  4. NewbieJr ... is your real name Mitch Fatel ?? >>>>MP3 of Mitch Fatel Summing up The Gay Sex<<<< (Right Click and "Save Link as..." if it won't play in your browser )
  5. Ez

    Is this collusion ?

    Thank you all for responding to my thread ( or flaming me beacuse you need to rant a little ) Again, know that by definition it is not collusion. However, man, you guys just don't know my crazy league. Guys go ape-**** when they see a big name player who is on the downside of his career involved in a trade .... especially when I am involved because I am the Commish I guess. Looks like Tomlinson had a good game today. Although had I started Reggie Bush, I would have gotten a few more points.
  6. Ez

    Is this collusion ?

    I know that by definition it is not collusion. I also know that in no way am I attempting to stack my team using a trade with a friend. However, I also know my league and I know how they over react to any trade involving a big name player and I just needed unbiased opinions. Thx
  7. Ez

    Is this collusion ?

    Oh .... stats of these guys: LT: 91 carries, 289 yards, 3 TDs ( 9 rec, 40 yds. 0 TDs ) Choice: 51 carries, 249 yards, 3 TDs ( 14 rec, 123 yards, 0 TDs ) League scoring: 1 pt for every 20 yards rush / rec ... 6 pts TD
  8. Ez

    Is this collusion ?

    The trade is: Team A gets LT Team B gets kicker Jeff Reed and running back Tashard Choice My team is Team A. I am looking for a decent flex player to use instead of Reggie Bush. My buddy needs a back up kicker since Kris Brown of Houston is on a bye and he is the Marion Barber and Felix Jones owner so Choice has value to him. He is 3-6 ... I am 6-3 He's not giving up because the higher he finishes, the better his draft pick will be next year. ( 10 team / 1 player keeper / the bottom 4 team miss the playoffs but draft in reverse order ie. the team that finishes in dead last drafts 4th and the team that just missed the playoffs gets the #1 pick ) We are all friends and this is a $100 per league. So .... is this a trade that should be allowed to go through ?
  9. Ez

    Austin vs. Gore

    First off .... WRONG BOARD ! Secondly .... really ? Hell, it would be a fair trade if you only got Gore in the deal. Williams is just a little extra. Plus think of it this way. This trade prevents you from starting LT every week and getting killed because of it. ( P.S. - I own Austin in my money league - I traded Gore for Moss straight up at the draft this year { they were our keeper players in a 1 player keeper league} I miss Gore as I have had him for a few seasons now )
  10. Ez

    Is this fair or not?

    Which is it ? The trade is fine.
  11. Someone would be a tool if they didn't quit for $1,000 ? $1,000 isn't that much for some people. Imagine if someone offered you $50 to give up fantasy football. Would you be a tool for not taking the 50 bucks ? Yet for some people $50 is a decent chunk of money. For me I'd guess I'd quit for 10 grand. For 100k, I'd quit without a second thought !
  12. Ez

    Drafted # 9 outta 12..heres what I got

    WRONG BOARD !!!!! ( LT , Moss and Colston are a nice start )
  13. Ez

    Geek Consensus ?

    Well we missed it greatly but understand the needed break. However, Mike said that he was going to compile the data, took the threads down and never came through with the compilations. Mike ... you're FIRED !
  14. I have tried in the past to find a FF site that lets me customize scoring to match our league's rules. So far I have had no luck. I've listed the league scoring rules and line ups if you care to gloss over them. Otherwise you can skip and just toss me the site if you want. Basic rundown of our rules ( we still have an emphasis on TD's ): Yardage – 1 pt. Per 20 yards Rushing / Receiving combined for RBs & Receivers 1 pt. Per 50 yards Passing / Rushing combined for Quarterbacks Touchdown - 6 pts. for TD run or reception Touchdown Pass - 4 pts. for the passer Field Goal - 3 pts. for the kicker Extra Point -1 pt. for the kicker 2 Point Conversion - (run)-2 pts. for the runner (pass)-2 pts. for the receiver /1 pt for the passer Defense - 5 points for a shutout, 2 points for giving up 2 - 9 points, 1 point for giving up 10 - 13 points, 2 points per turnover and 1 point per sack Bonus points - Runningbacks get 1 pt for going over 100 yards rushing and receiving combined and 1 pt for every 50 yards there-after. Receivers get 2 pts for 100 yards combined and 2 pts for every 50 there-after. (This includes TE’s) Quarterbacks get 1 bonus point for every over 300 yards passing / rushing combined & 1 point for every 50 yards there-after Kickers get 1 bonus point for every field goal 50 yards and over Finally ... our line ups are VERY flexible. You start QB, Kicker and Team Def/ Special Teams then a combo of 5 RB/TE/WR ( You can start up to 3 RBs and up to 4 WRs ... so you could have a line up of RB,RB,RB,WR,WR or RB,WR,WR,WR,WR ( Tight Ends are not mandatory and are simply considered a "receiver" ) Lastly, the "bubble player" rule which everyone in our league loves. Considering all the BS game time decisions and deception in the NFL now it is nearly impossible to know if an injured player is going to play and most people in our league have families and things to do so they can't sit glued to the TV for pre-games. The “Bubble” Player: If any of your starters are listed as “Questionable” on the NFL injury report you can name a “bubble” player in case that player does not play. Your “bubble” player does not have to be of the same position ( ie. You can bubble a Receiver for a Running Back as long as doing so would not give you an illegal line up ) There is no limit on the number of “bubble” players you can use per week but again, you can only “bubble” players for starters who are listed as “Questionable” on the injury report. One bubble player per injured player. Sooooooooo ............ any ideas of the most customizable site to use ?