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  1. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Waiver WR Scoop and Play (Week 8 Installment)

    I'm starting Durham over Nicks as my WR3 this week. After watching Dallas roll their coverage to DeSean Jackson last week, I think the same will hold true for Megatron, giving Durham some opportunities to score. I'm predicting at least 10 targets.
  2. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Vick to play Sunday

    I don't believe they take a QB in the draft simply for taking a QB. Contrary to what many say, this offense doesn't necessarily need a franchise QB to run it. I honestly believe every team needs to make the necessary moves to go up and get their player. The conversation would be much, much different had they done that with Russell Wilson. Instead they thought they could wait for him. Turned out to be a very big miscalculation on their part. Point being is that their future QBs indentity has yet to reveal itself. The Vikings could give up on Ponder and/or Freeman. And I don't rule out Matt Barkley, whom I feel could be the right guy.
  3. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Vick to play Sunday

    I don't see the Eagle QB of the future coming out of next year's draft. I believe their QB is playing for another team, one that will be out there via FA next year. The reason why I say this? There are teams that will draft in front of them who will be looking for QBs in the draft. A run on QBs should leave talented defenders still on the board. I don't know who that FA QB will be, but I think he'll be there. Additionally, I think they should let Maclin walk and acquire a FA WR to play opposite Jackson. Someone like Hakeem Nicks would be a really good fit.
  4. GhostofMeanMachine99

    TE Jordan Reed

    The only legitimate fear with this guy is injury. He's no Vernon Davis/Jimmy Graham when it comes to physical build, so there's a high chance this guy gets hurt, especially running routes within the hash marks. But the reward far outweights the risk IMO. Especially as RGME continues to raise his passing game.
  5. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Vick to play Sunday

    This Sunday, he's a better option than Matt Barkley is what I'm saying.
  6. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Dallas Cowboys possibly trading for RB

    Herschel Walker
  7. GhostofMeanMachine99

    TE Jordan Reed

    Fleener plays like a bonehead. Inconsistent hands. At some point, a QB is gonna bail on throwing him the ball. However, Wayne's injury may be his only saving grace. Fleener does get open, so maybe the sense of urgency kicks in and helps him focus on what he needs to do; catch the damn ball.
  8. GhostofMeanMachine99

    TE Jordan Reed

    I got in last week. One just has to watch the kid on tape to know that he's the real deal. However, I do believe there may be an injury history with him. He could be ever slightly fragile as a TE. For me, I like to see a player for 4 weeks to measure their consistency. There is absolutely no denying his talent.
  9. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Vick to play Sunday

    Exactly. Even if he doesn't run and sticks in the pocket as a passer, he's the best option they have. The Giants aren't exactly fielding a vaunted defense.
  10. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Vick to play Sunday

    Just caught the story on Philly.com. Source indicates that Vick, although not at 100%, will be declared the starter for Sunday's game against NY.
  11. GhostofMeanMachine99

    TE Jordan Reed

    I picked him up, then proceeded to trade Greg Olsen to a needy owner in return for Darren McFadden (he's my bi-week fill in). I'm rolling with Reed and Clay, Clay the starter until Reed can prove to be a consistent scorer.
  12. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Simpson or Jennings---Which one is a better option at this point?

    I have Simpson and just put in a trade offer for Jennings (for Greg Olsen). I believe that Freeman will secure the job and be the guy from here on out. So I'm hedging my bets on who his go-to guy will be by having both of them. I just lost Don Julio so I'm looking to replace a starting WR slot.
  13. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Anyone Trading for Spiller?

    Seeing that I already had Jackson, I traded David Wilson (before the injury) and James Jones for Spiller. My guess is that Jackson will break down by week 10. Spiller should be healed and ready to carry the load from there on in. If you are assured of making your playoff, trade for Spiller.
  14. GhostofMeanMachine99

    Brandon Jacobs....breakout?

    He appears lighter, had a bit of lateral ability on a few of his runs. I grabbed him at halftime and will store him on the bench. He's the only viable option on a crappy team that needs to run the ball in order to set up he pass.
  15. If anyone's stock goes up with Foles at QB, it's Celek and Ertz. With Foles at QB, the read option is obsolete. Teams will play 8 in the box to shut down McCoy. Since Jackson is their only viable WR, he'll get doubled. I mean, Foles played well against the Giants. That's not saying much...