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  1. Lackman

    phillybear is a flaming phag cackgobbler.

    Mega Wut!! Wut!!
  2. Lackman

    Political Views and your Significant Other

    Why is it so hard for broads to understand what "love, honor, and OBEY" means? Sheesh.
  3. It is not the role of government to force a business into the type of packaging it's product can be sold in. It's the same deal as when the government does not allow a bar owner the option of smoking and non smoking environment. If the product is not dangerous to the consumer, then it's just meddling.
  4. Lackman

    I have won the forum

    As reigning and 6 time Geek of Year Champion of the Universe, I deny your declaration and bid you adieu, slapd!ck.
  5. In my younger years, I've worked in many different food related locations. Every single place changes expiration stickers. Every. One. If you tossed something because of expiration, you would be fired for wasting product. Oh, the government is protecting the food supply. Banning salt, sugar, trans fat, etc. They're on their way with the cavalry to protect people from themselves. How many people actually read a food label? Maybe 2% or 3%, and that's probably because it's health related. It's all so stupid.
  6. If people are so helpless and stupid to make decisions on what food to buy, we should just slap a sticker on everything with amber alert colors. Slap a big old red sticker on a pineapple, a blue on a can of tuna, a green one on a prepared pizza. Then hang up an index for what each color means. This bad, this not so bad, this almost bad, because arbitrary government decisions should be the be all and end all. Because, let's not forget, the government is better equipped to run your life than you are.
  7. Today's liberal media. Editing videos to false incriminate the innocent, hiding the truth to advance political agendas, less credibility than a Samoan with Skype.
  8. The government is overstepping it's power by forcing the food industry to label it's product a certain way. I'm against nearly all industry regulations in general. Let the market police itself. If the product is bad, word will spread. That's how restaurants either survive or go out of business. So should prepared foods for sale. It's unfortunate both may have to declare ingredients. And it's insane how many times labels with expiration dates get replaced so that customers buy way past expired prepared foods unsuspectingly. So what good is the label of ingredients going to do when you buy spoiled, harmful bacteria laden product? More than anything, I advocate preparing your own food.
  9. There is a vast difference between thriving and barely scraping by. Historically, that is what supermarkets do. Barely surviving. All the markets try to keep prices as low as possible, constantly trying to undercut the competition, to attract business. They make money purely on volume rather than profit margin. They will take losses on overall customer purchases just to keep them away from competitors, depending on what sales they are running that week. Prepared foods have higher profit margin. But you need to consider the short shelf life and extremely high spoilage rate, which makes it very risky to put out such products.
  10. I'm sure everybody has been noticing all the supermarkets that seem to be going out of business. So, Obama wants to make it harder for them to stay in business. And the higher prices is another gut punch to punish the middle class. The end game is people standing in line for hours to get their share of government cheese and toilet paper.
  11. Lackman

    Justice Dept Memo: Drone Strikes on Americans legal.

    This is why they want to take away your guns, you dopes.
  12. Lackman

    Beyonce Halftime Show

    How about we stop packing these no talent, slob ass, gap toothed, low rent Buckwild rejects into glitzy, horrific half time death marches that take an hour so that we can shorten up the break and get back to the mother focking game.
  13. Fairly early in the season, the 49ers beat the Seahawks on a Thursday night game 13-6. As Seattle players were boarding the team buses to head to the airport, Harbaugh drove right by their bus, honking his horn, and waving in a derisive manner with a large sh!t eating grin. Which of course helped motivate the beatdown the Seahawks gave the 49ers later in the season. Harbaugh is a clown. And his team is going to have to fight very hard next year to come out of the NFC West to even make the playoffs.
  14. Lackman

    Super Bowl Commercials

    Political correctness makes everything worse.