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  1. Doyle Redland

    Are we having the DPL this year?

    I sure hope so.
  2. Doyle Redland

    Chiefs GM Carl Peterson RESIGNS !

    You know its been a disastrous season when the press conference footage announcing the GM's resignation will/should comprise a good size chunk of the Chiefs 2008 highlights reel
  3. Doyle Redland

    Draft Rounds 5 and 6

    5.02 Donovan Mcnabb QB, Phi
  4. Doyle Redland

    Draft Rounds 3 and 4

    4.11 Chad Johnson WR, Cin Ow!, My Shoulder!!
  5. Doyle Redland

    Draft Rounds 3 and 4

    3.02 d mcfadden,rb, choakland
  6. Doyle Redland

    Post your Two keepers here!

    Tai-Ma Terror RB W. McGahee, BAL RB A. Peterson, MIN
  7. Doyle Redland

    Can someone please explain the difference to me?

    I can't help answer your question but this topic reminds how every 4 years we're presented with just one more piece of circumstantial evidence that there is no God Because if there were a God in heaven female gymnasts would hit their peak performance age at18 -21 instead of 13 - 15 Can I get an Amen, brothers!
  8. Doyle Redland

    What do GW Bush and Batman have in common?

    Seriously, what form of logic leads you to this conclusion?, When did they "hit us good "before 9/11
  9. Doyle Redland

    request to get my original team name back

    Ma being Chinese for hemp and the Tai prefix meaning great l
  10. Doyle Redland

    how do i download a voicemail to this site?

    This part I can help you out with. there is a nice little mp3 editor called goldwavegoldwave download link from Cnet so you know it's virus safe
  11. Doyle Redland

    Tales from the not too bright

    amazing odds! the head of a match landing on something as small as the tip of a pin.
  12. Doyle Redland

    Die Nasty Dynasty League Info.

    I'd join in a flash if there is still a spot and if you would be willing to work with me on the timing of when the fees are due. i.e. I'd need to split up paying that first $100.00. Yes, I am a poor mofo at this point in time.But, I can also be counted on to show up prepared and on time for the draft. and stay active throughout the season regardless of how well my team is doing. Also, I'd definately like to include at least a few IDP positions.
  13. Why does there have to be a clear consensus on the cause to make doing what we can to reverse/slow down the effects that are measurably,i.e verifiably happening? See polar ice cap size changes as an example. I just don't get the resistance to admitting that something is happening. I would think that with American industry and technologies leading the way, some solutions and large amounts of jobs could come from taking this approach. The only threat would be to big oil and if they can't figure out a way to get involved in such amanner as to assure themselves a big slice of the new pie, f ém. whole industries get replaced by technology advancements all the time bought a horse drawn carriage or vinyl record lately?
  14. Doyle Redland

    Beer recommendation thread number 22

    Sorry, I've been led inton the wrong thread I think,but, while I'm here, I'd just like to point out all this talk of skunk is both what caught my attention and just one more piece of evidence of marijuana's superiority over all things alcohol. in the cannabis culture, Skunk is not a negative, and it sure as hell doesn't take any scientists to explain it to you. any ól stoner would be happy to oblige
  15. Doyle Redland

    Devastating news!

    I itty bitty t1tties! they tend to be capped with the best nipples please feel free to describe your nipples in as much detail as you're willing to