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  1. fatguylittlecoat

    Holy Sweet Jesus, HELP me at QB !

    I miss Will Fuller
  2. fatguylittlecoat

    Holy Sweet Jesus, HELP me at QB !

    90% of rain HOU at NYJ, pick up Mullens ???? Just dodged a bullet last night as my opponent had an avg performance from Mahomes, whew!
  3. fatguylittlecoat

    Kenneth Dixon

    Chewing on a big pickle, thinking on benching Sony Michel or Mark Ingram for Kenneth Dixon. I have Gus but will not start him over the two listed. Agony. Ezekiel is my RB1, Michel and Ingram are RB2 / Flex , no WR's would be recommended to start over them.
  4. fatguylittlecoat

    Worry About Kicking!?

    Sounds like a wonderful question for Little Help
  5. fatguylittlecoat

    Need help! Trying to WIN again!

    Help Desk
  6. fatguylittlecoat

    Golladay or Pettis this week?

    Don't choke on the lettuce, pick Pettis
  7. fatguylittlecoat

    Wilson or Rogers

    Russell Wilson but that arrogant SOB wouldn't surprise me if he does well at Chicago this week like he always does and yes, I know very well about Chicago D, was up at Soldier Field a few weeks ago cheering the Bears on but I know Rogers just has a thing about lighting up the Bears.
  8. fatguylittlecoat

    RB help for tonight

    Jackson either way, I don't see Gordon playing but even if he did, he won't be 100% and that will lead to at least half for Jackson, much better outcome for him vs Jones or Gordon. Bitter subject as I have Spencer Ware, watching him collect dust this week which I thought was going to be a stud of this week's matchup. Final note, be cautious of any KC receiver as San Diego is extremely tough on pass D.
  9. fatguylittlecoat

    defense (yeah DEFENSE) help week 15

    You have a good problem , I always like going with the team who has something to play for, answer Houston but can see Jags doing well just because Washington is that bad. I think Houston knows they have to step up from last week's loss and they'll have more ball control using Miller and run plays. I totally understand if you're leaning towards Jags but the natural tendancies always have a way of creeping in if they're not motivated to play for 4 quarters.
  10. fatguylittlecoat

    Who should I flex?

    Aaron Jones is guaranteed more touches, if you have to get cute, get cute with Josh Adams, I'd stay away from James White, nothing worse than putting him in and Hoodie boy screws you like you know is a very strong possibility.
  11. fatguylittlecoat

    Atlanta D or NYG D?

    Dirty birds
  12. fatguylittlecoat

    9-4 Go Bears.

    Me thinks they may have one if the young man can fix the space between his ears. Best wishes to Mitchell... he has the physical tools, just a little raw with the cerebral.
  13. fatguylittlecoat

    Holy Sweet Jesus, HELP me at QB !

    1st Round of the playoffs, I have Aaron Rogers at a vengeful Bear squad or Deshaun Watson at NYJ . Thinking about picking up Josh Allen, home vs Detroit. Scoring is 1 pt for every 10 yds rushing, 1 pt every 5 carries, 1 pt for every 25 yds passing, 6 pts TD's , should I lay off the egg nog or pour me another cup and ROLL with Josh Allen ? I'll try and answer yours. Thank you and Merry Christmas !
  14. fatguylittlecoat

    WEEK 15 unlikely FF heroes

    Michael Gallup - He's always open and one would think opposing D's would start trying to take Amari out of the equation. I'll bet Gallup posts 160 yds over the next two weeks and one score. Giddy'up
  15. fatguylittlecoat

    Best of the rag-tag WR bunch

    I don't know the rest of the season schedule but looking at your team, I assume you want steady performers who can get you something like 6 - 7 catches and 65 - 80 yds ? Anything more would be gravy ??? You have enough fire power with your RB's that you're going to get some big numbers and if they roll the same week, then you probably only need 5 - 10 pts. That being said, I'd go with Moore who I think is the steadiest play hoping that Cam can throw the football as well as Zay Jones, Chris Conley or Michael Gallup in no particular order. I do like Moore the most but the other three I would flip a coin. Watkins is done this year, Zay is the #1 WR on a poor offense but gun slinging, erratic QB, and Gallup is a stud but not sure he can get the volume you want. Good luck.