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    Thank You

    Like so many others, I rarely ever post. But Im here every day & genuinely appreciate the advice you all have given me for so many years. To all the wonderful people on this site I want to wish a very happy new year from us silent lurkers.
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    I agree... AD too! Take away his TDs & he only scores 12 pts.
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  4. To anyone old enough to remember asking Moose for help... Good Luck & God Speed OldTimer.
  5. Parkers99

    Preseason Week 2 Discussion

  6. Whatever the latest Rep/Dem "assault rifle" argument is... the right is being funded by the company manufacturing the gun being banned and the left is funded (via proxy) by the company manufacturing whatever the next best gun would be. We need adults to step in and inject some common sense.
  7. Parkers99

    Playing guys on thur nights

    You would think after having it beat into my skull for the past two seasons I'd learn my lesson. But... just... can't... stop... temptation to watch a player on Thursday too stronk. I'm powerless.
  8. Parkers99

    Andy Reid is sealing his fate!

    How can anyone watching this game think a less mobile QB would be a good thing?
  9. Parkers99

    Is this fair deal?

    Fair trade for Finley? You'd need a magic roster filled with Hall of Famers in their prime... If that's the case, I'd toss out Jerry & Barry for Finley to gauge his interest.
  10. Parkers99

    LA getting a football team?

    :sigh: Birmingham, AL is a wonderful place to live. Essentially all crime is restricted to a 5 block hell zone; while the rest of us rarely lock our doors & enjoy a ridiculously low cost of living... One day, if I live to 100, maybe the most rabid football fans in America will at least be mentioned on message boards as being a possible destination for a future expansion team. PS: I hate all of you (go falcons/titans I guess)
  11. Parkers99

    Why are all O Linemen white

    I fully recognize that there are many athletes that don't fall into the typical white/black typecasting. But anyone that hasn't noticed this obvious difference in O lines and D lines must truly be colorblind. At every level of the game from peewee to pro, Olines & Dlines are predominately white or black respectively. The guys rattling off that Olinemen need to be smart are idiots... I played both ways (small school) and playing Oline definately requires less thought than any other position. I think the guy that brought up the "strong man" contests really had a great point. I remember reading in a fitness magazine once something about slow & fast twitch muscle fiber... I really can't remember it very well but I think maybe some small difference in our muscle make-up may play a factor. Strength is the single most important quality for an Olineman - For a Dlineman, I'd say agility. eh... that's my theory anyway.
  12. Hi all, In one of my leagues, I'm fortunate enough to be sitting at 8-2 thanks in large part to Warner. However, w/ the likelyhood of Arizona resting the ole' man during my playoffs, I'm considering offering him in a trade. Peyton Manning seems to be turning it around. Thigpen has a terrific schedule... other suggestions? Who do you think will be the best play-off to championship QB this year?
  13. Parkers99

    chris perry for ladell betts

    You have quite a lot of RB talent; but that doesn't mean you should just throw some of it away. A three down back (don't know if your league is ppr, but regardless) for a handcuff? Really? W/ TJ, Addai & Portis already; I'd prefer you package D Will & low WR to the Betts owner for an upgrade at WR. Try to get some value here.
  14. If ROY & Megatron can't impress under Martz, I don't expect Davis or Bruce to be solid. However, the slot's usually hot under Martz. I haven't been able to see them much in preseason and I was hoping someone who has could offer their opinion. TIA