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  1. TheGiantJets

    Jerry Rice says no to Eli

    So does Peyton Manning.
  2. TheGiantJets

    Jerry Rice says no to Eli

    Hes a hall of famah. Hes got two rings and he plays in New Jersey.
  3. TheGiantJets

    Anyone still holding barber?

    Yeah, it’s Marion the 3rd
  4. Luckily started him. Im rather thin at RB.
  5. TheGiantJets

    Melvin Gordan

    Per Eric Williams ESPN: Chargers RB Melvin Gordon said he suffered an upper body injury in the fourth quarter, but that he will be fine. Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn described Gordon as sore and fatigued, but said he would be OK. Gordon had his helmet on afterwards, but did not return to the game.
  6. TheGiantJets

    Mixon to get scoped?

    No, they would say the surgery was unsuccessful.
  7. TheGiantJets

    David Johnson back injury

    Oh no
  8. TheGiantJets

    Fournette Questionable to return

    He hasnt come back in yet.
  9. TheGiantJets

    Fournette Questionable to return

    Headed to the locker room. Looks like hammy. Questionable to return.
  10. TheGiantJets

    J. Conner-- trade value?

    Trade Conner straight up for Bell
  11. TheGiantJets

    Guys Who Moved Up!?

    If thats moving up then Im moving out. I do agree with Sanders. Hopefully will produce.
  12. TheGiantJets

    Gordon at 7?

    What about Fournette? I have him right around Melvin. I think Melvin is safer pick and handcuff Ekeler.
  13. TheGiantJets

    Zeke at #3? pro con

    From your lips to Gods ears. I have Zeke in my big money league as a keeper.
  14. TheGiantJets

    Zeke at #3? pro con

    Losing is a bit strong. They’ll find them come week 1. They’ll need a center. Gurley should have been ahead of Zeke anyways.
  15. TheGiantJets


    Oline cant be worse. Theyve made upgrades and McAdoo doo is gone. Barkley wil be do great imo