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  1. i found my new league. thanks for the offer.
  2. I'm looking to join a START UP IDP league with a $50-100 entry fee. I have been a zealots player for years and an a active member in other money IDP leagues(references available). I am open to different formats, however IDP is a must. please, leave your league address for me to check out or an email for me to contact you. Dr. Thalamus
  3. garrard back in. apparrently you need to study up on your anatomy doc!
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    Yankee fans....

    2 world series championships 3 nhl championships 3 nba championships. 0 nfl 1 national title in football 2 national title in basketball this i just in my lifetime detroit does fine in championships. i was at the game on friday- awsome game. there were about 8 guys decked out in their jeter gear sitting the section over. from the start of the game they were cussing at people being "typicall load mouth drunk new yorkers" couple of fights broke out because they just would not shut up and watch the game. they ended up getting kicked out bye the 6th inning. this is why everyone roots against the yankee's. bye the way lets see how many championships you win with detroits payroll. but thats never gonna happen. yankees, new york, and steinbrenner(sp?) suck! lets go st. lois and detroit.