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  1. Why do you care about his tax returns?
  2. Psssst......Seth..... Herbie brought him into the discussion in attempt to validate more lefty lunacy.
  3. We all know that Barry was born in Hawaii despite him claiming in the Harvard law review he was from Kenya and his biography stating he was born in kenya. he's and his biographers are obviously despicable liars.
  4. Isn't being a natural born citizen a requirement for the presidency ? Are tax returns ? Dont make my wins so easy.
  5. drobeski

    New Zealand Shooting

    Blood on Bernies hands... Never mind the thousands slaughtered with the help of Barry arming ISIS
  6. drobeski

    New Zealand Shooting

    Yes everyday in Chicago...his sons going wild.
  7. drobeski

    New Zealand Shooting

    Maxine waters Barry bring a knife to a gun fight Shall I go on ?
  8. drobeski

    When was the last time you "Won the day" here?

    Feb 27, but I'm tops on the leaderboard. I win a lot. I'm the belichick/brady/patriots/trump of the board. Hated because all I do is win.
  9. They have to complete the prerequisites of bare handed ass wiping and genital mutilation first.
  10. drobeski

    Panthers OL Taylor Hearn knocked da fukk out!

    Is there any panther that isnt a pussie?
  11. So he's weirdo fruitcake.... Doesnt that makes him the perfect person for the weirdo fruitcake party?