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  1. drobeski

    Drobeski won this thread

    I am the belichick of this board
  2. drobeski

    Maga crowd

    If we are going to limit CEO pay, surely we should be limiting pro athlete pay and Hollywood and all kinds of other places. Right ?
  3. Good on him. Should be legal.
  4. Kraft denies it I believe him Put this to rest
  5. drobeski

    Robert Kraft is a cheater at heart

    Asians If you ain't been there you wouldn't understand
  6. drobeski

    Robert Kraft is a cheater at heart

    I bet he finger banged her with all 5 on
  7. drobeski

    What's your current 40 time?

    14 minutes 48 seconds, rolling.
  8. drobeski

    Maga crowd

    IMO It mostly refers to bring those jobs back that were lost by disaster agreements like NAFTA. Not running around apologizing for who we are as a country Insisting NATO nations pay their fair share for defense. Strengthening our military and taking care of our vets In a nut shell, putting our country and it's legal citizens first and not being ashamed or allowed to be shamed for doing so. It's more of a what than a when.
  9. The liberals/Democrats have always been and will always be the racists. No amount of revisionist history or projection will change that. The proof is in the real history of the party and the fights they faught against real racial progress in our government and what you see in the inner cities and school systems they have ran. It's a shame that many minorities cannot see this clear as day fact, but their mindset is also the product of the democratics so its really hard to blame them. Slowly many are seeing the light.
  10. I know your weakness! I'll just give you the straight face semi smirk with my maga hat on! Bam down goes beer!
  11. drobeski

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    Yes ... Bernie is a hypocrite
  12. drobeski

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    He is the perfect example of what liberals are. Lying fake outrage full of sh!t fagguts
  13. I'm just hoping mmmmbeer has gotten over this racist kids evil bland no reaction face. Thing of nightmares for those oppressed by maga hats
  14. drobeski

    Bad day for FBI/DOJ scumbags.

    Gonna be a lot of whataboutism from the youknowwhos