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  1. drobeski

    National Emergency

  2. drobeski

    National Emergency

    I think Barry referred to it as a crisis. I'm of the feeling that a crisis should be dealt with. I think Barry guys would support that notion therefore they should support POTUS taking action to address this crisis.
  3. drobeski

    Shocking news in the world of rap music

    Scientists have certified that rap sucks ass ?
  4. drobeski

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    Wrong! The white police did!
  5. They did temporarily on comey, then they realized he was corruptly working hand in hand with team Hillary to cover up crimes of both entities while at the same time devising the plan to sabotage the unimaginable trump presidency as an insurance policy in the unlikely event he won. Then comey was good again. Treasonous crimes are cool as long as its purpose is to further the destruction of and fundamentally change our country.
  6. https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2019/01/17/clintons-collusion-with-russia-makes-necessary-trumps-missile-defense-plan/ Amidst all the talk about “Russian collusion,” one of the most egregious – and consequential – examples has received negligible attention. During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton engineered the transfer of lots of high technology – including militarily relevant ones – to Russia’s Silicon Valley, in the vain hope of “resetting” relations with Vladimir Putin. At the time, the Pentagon warned that this arrangement amounted to an “overt technology theft operation” that gave the Kremlin, among other things, strategically sensitive hypersonic missile know-how and gear. It also massively profited Clinton Foundation donors. Today, President Trump unveils a missile defense plan made necessary by such treachery. His long-awaited Missile Defense Review proposes a comprehensive program of space-based and other means of protecting the American people against the hypersonic missiles Russia and China are now deploying. Unfortunately, we need such defenses yesterday.
  7. drobeski

    Mueller takes another hit; past FISA abuses revealed

    The house is useless America has the Senate, the S.C. and the White house
  8. drobeski

    Guess the Geek, FL edition

    Yeah he's definitely retarded
  9. drobeski

    Democrat Projection

    Two words Russian collusion
  10. drobeski

    Thugs destroy a gas station

    Trumps fault
  11. Hows the do you like your eggs for your face wiff, cb and all the other retards who bought into the collusion illusion? Over easy or hard boiled?
  12. drobeski

    Trump Approval Rating at 52%

    And that's with like 95% negative coverage from the hack enemy of the people Democrat party media arm