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  1. drobeski

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    Oh! I just assumed you came in because it was "the Republicans"
  2. drobeski

    Manafort: 19-24 years + $24mil

    Cant wait until he is pardoned That's gonna be some funny head exploding schit right there.
  3. drobeski

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    Unpossible, there is no such thing as voter fraud! I know, frozenpipewrench told me so back then.
  4. They hate Americans and America They are a deeply troubled lot if miscreants and malcontents, full of hate in many ways but the hate the project has deep roots within themselves.
  5. drobeski

    Don Cheadle....loves hisself sum trannies

    He's obviously a pedo, as are all trans kid proponents.
  6. drobeski

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Have any of these so called MAGA inspired incidents been legit ? All false flags from the TDS retards.
  7. drobeski

    What's Up Biotches?

    How bout dem Patriots!
  8. drobeski

    National Emergency

  9. drobeski

    National Emergency

    I think Barry referred to it as a crisis. I'm of the feeling that a crisis should be dealt with. I think Barry guys would support that notion therefore they should support POTUS taking action to address this crisis.
  10. drobeski

    Shocking news in the world of rap music

    Scientists have certified that rap sucks ass ?
  11. drobeski

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    Wrong! The white police did!