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    Slow response time

    WOW ... the site is really a dog tonight ... Is there maintenance going on ... What's up?
  2. ktrue1208

    Survivor Pool

    I was surprised to see that the game was over last week when I checked the picks. I am humble in victory and thank all of your staff for sponsoring it this season. Three members in our 10 team league use your service to prepare for our draft. This year we finished 1st, 2nd and 4th. I was the one in 4th ... ... This victory will ease that pain though!! Thanks again and a HAPPY and SAFE new year 2007 to all!! Kevin True ---
  3. ktrue1208

    $5,000 CC/DB Survivor Pool

    And as one of those on Baltimore this week may I say "WHEW!! ... " May I also note, that my 50/50 partner has wanted JAC over HOU both times and I knixed it .... "WHEW!!" Would be a really good week looking at the inputs if CAR was to go down, too .... Here's to those of us still remaining ........ ...... to pick for another week.
  4. ktrue1208

    $5,000 CC/DB Survivor Pool

    No way was I touching that JAX / HOU game!! Houston has played them tough since their first game in the league. Good luck to the 300 of us left ...