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  1. 80/32 = 2.5 mil/owner. This was a nuisance payoff because there was some dirty laundry he got in discovery they don't want released. Nothing that would necessarily win him the case but internal workings they don't want publicized.
  2. Strike

    Nancy blinked: 5.7 for Wall............developing.

    As a guy who moved out of Cali largely due to.issues created by illegal.immigration 13 years ago I've considered this issue a national emergency for a long focking time.
  3. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Also, Amazon was already collecting tax for 45 states at the time of the new SC ruling so it really didn't impact them much.
  4. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    The other thing these people are ignoring is that Amazon wasn't alone. Pretty much all online retailers followed the same practice. Amazon was just the biggest and therefore the boogey man.
  5. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Lol. So the politicians who made this deal are Republicans?
  6. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    And Amazon complies with the law. Now I pay sales tax. Do you buy from Amazon? If so,.prior to them collecting sales tax did you voluntarily remit sales tax for your purchases from Amazon?
  7. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    This is a classic cutting off the nose to spite the face action by NY. Some idiots like AOC don't like Amazon for irrational reasons and make a stink to the point that Amazon decides it's not worth it. Doesn't hurt Amazon at all but will hurt NY. AOC literally said yesterday that NY should use the same money for schools instead not realizing that without Amazon coming there is no money.
  8. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Then their customers were breaking the law. Not amazon .
  9. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Amazon doesn't pay sales tax. They simply collect it for the state. I can't speak for all states but in CO the consumer was supposed to pay sales tax on anything they bought. It was the consumer breaking the law, not Amazon.
  10. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Bullsh*t. That's easy to say when you're not one of the 25,000 people who lost out on the opportunity for a 150k/year job. I ask again. How much in taxes does NY get without this Amazon deal?
  11. Strike

    Thugs destroy a gas station

    We have to breed the blacks with the Asians.
  12. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    They don't have all the power. It's a negotiation, and the city should definitely ensure that they benefit from the arrangement. But it's simplistic to say they aren't paying sh#t and aren't paying taxes. NY literally just gave away 25k jobs at an average salary of 150k. This isn't a warehouse. There is no way to justify the stupidity of the people who caused this deal to fall apart.
  13. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    How much tax do they collect without Amazon coming?
  14. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    You can't fix stupid.