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  1. He and Racist Smolett can share a cell.
  2. We may not know everything but we have enough information to know his story is not legit.
  3. Strike

    Maga crowd

    It would be extremely low on the list. Middle class pay may be relevant but I don't believe most MAGA people think that much about CEO pay.
  4. Strike

    Maga crowd

    No. Every business is different and you shouldn't force one model on EVERY business. Tieing the compensation for the CEO of McDonalds to how much cashier's make is ludicrous. Forgetting the fact that most McDonalds are franchises and therefore essentially their own small business, you're talking about a job any idiot could do. On the other hand, the company I work for most people make pretty good coin. I'm good with trying to find a way to limit CEO pay, although it's quite honestly not that big a concern of mine. As someone already mentioned, CEO pay is determined by a BOD who obviously think the person is worth that amount of money. And most CEO's get a good chunk of their pay via stock options so if the company doesn't do well they don't get those huge salaries you take issue with. I'm also good with trying to find a way to make companies employ more in the U.S. In my industry (tech) there is a huge problem with H1-B visas. I think most of those Visa programs that take jobs away from Americans should be abolished or modified to meet the intent of them when they were created. Most of those programs are being abused by businesses.
  5. Strike

    Maga crowd

    Specifically which far left ideas are you referring to?
  6. Strike

    Chris Paul

    May be talented but he is a punk a$$ b*tch who will never win an NBA title. That is all
  7. Strike

    What's your current 40 time?

    I can drink a 40 in about 3.8 seconds.
  8. Strike

    Dumb credit card question

    I would think that when you set up automatic payments it would allow you to set how much it is going to pay. I would expect the default to be the minimum monthly payment rather than the full amount because they want you to pay as much interest as possible. But check with the bank. Not enough info here to definitively tell you what it will do.
  9. Strike

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    Grunge focking sucks. From that era? Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Saw them with Pearl Jam opening. Even Pearl Jam knows TP and the HB are a better band from the grunge era.
  10. Strike

    Kamala Harris for President

  11. Strike

    Amazon not coming to NY

    AOC's father should have pulled out.
  12. Strike

    Kamala Harris for President

  13. YOU should be more pissed at him than anybody. His actions hurt the credibility of future victims of LBGQAJAJQJA and racial oppression. Think about it. This man put a NOOSE around his own neck. What's disheartening is people like you making excuses for him. And let's be clear. I don't hate him because he's black. I hate him for the divisiveness he caused and increased in this country. Not to mention the resources he diverted away from catching actual criminals, especially in a place like Chicago where black people get killed daily.
  14. No sh*t? I'm patenting the trouser hijab!!