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  1. doughboys_2002

    Keeper Advice

    Anderson and Murray, receivers are a dime a dozen this year! I watched Murray and he reminded me a lot of Jamaal Charles! I like the kid a lot and plan to use my 1st round pick to nab him (12 team keeper league with no round penalty).
  2. doughboys_2002

    Roddy or Cruz?

    I love Cruz, that offense showed life at the end of last year. Another year in the system, ODB demanding some respect from defenses, makes a heck of a year. Age, and o-line, and new coaching staff spells a down year to me!
  3. doughboys_2002

    Keep Help-Beckham or Lacy

    Lacy, sorry but receivers are a dime a dozen. RB's are much harder to come by. Lacy may start slow, but he is a monster that will NEVER face an 8 man box, and plays on one of the best offenses. ODB was amazing but he will regress and hammys are an issue. College, pre-season, and start of regular season, then they are talking about an issue in OTA's. People also forget about the beast that was Victor Cruz!
  4. doughboys_2002

    L. Bell, C.J. Anderson or ODB

    Bell and ODB without looking back!
  5. doughboys_2002

    Hard choices

    So 12 team standard scoring league. We keep 4 players. AJ Green Arian Foster Mark Ingram Jeremy Hill Are my 4...My brother in law wants Foster...the only thing that he has that I like is Ellington. Would it be worth Ellington and a 3rd for Foster?
  6. doughboys_2002

    Keep T. Kelce or J. Stewart

    Guess I would go against the grain on this one as I love Stewart. Yes he is a HUGE risk, but I think he has a higher upside than Kelce or Hyde. If your talking longer term value then there is no doubt Kelce. Stewart I like this year, but if you drafted based of injury history you passed on Gronk last season, Peterson the year he ran for over 2k, Murray last year. Never be afraid of injury bug if the talent is there, just draft accordingly. So one year rental I like Stewart, beyond that Kelce. Love Kelce, Alex Smith is kind of a downer though. As for Hyde vs Kelce, Hyde has the talent, not sure about supporting cast. Kelce is super talented but held back by QB. I would take Hyde as I think he is going to get every opportunity to pass or fail.
  7. doughboys_2002

    Rate My Teams

    Not sure how deep these leagues are, if it is 12 team or less I am not a fan of the $100 team. Your RB's are highly questionable. Receivers are not desirable to me either. If 14 its ok, if more than its good. $500 Rb's are serviceable past Peterson, MJD could be huge, the rest might not see much action outside of Sankey, who is 2nd to Shonne fn Greene! Recievers, the top 3 are solid $1000 Rb's outside of Ball are not desirable...Gerhart could be serviceable if he gets the totes at 3.5 yards a whack. There is high upside with a LOT of risk, if it pays off you are in great shape there. WR Top 3 are solid, don't like Welker at this point in his career, Randle could be a huge disappointment this year, and Lattimere has upside. Take it for what it I, just my opinion but I don't know your league set ups
  8. doughboys_2002

    Rate my team

    I am not a huge fan of Cameron, I would take Graham and see if you can move Cameron and get another receiver for depth, that's just me, but Wilson is a sneaky good pick to me. I have Cutler and I would gladly trade him for Wilson in my keeper league!
  9. doughboys_2002

    Who to draft with #2 pick?

    McCoy all the way, more total yards form scrimmage I believe, then Peterson cause why not, and I think Charles will get cut a little on his touches
  10. doughboys_2002

    Do you do this trade?

    I would agree with Loose...not really exciting earthier way I probably would have left it. As much as I like Benjamin who else is there to scare the defense? Garcon has Reed, Jackson, and Floyd...I would take Garcon but you are high risk/reward at RB
  11. doughboys_2002

    Rate and leave link

    Yeah, my league is strange...Brady, Ryan, and Roethlisberger were 3 of the top 5 players off the board. Those teams all ready had qb's and the one who took Brady had RGIII and they have the same bye. I offered a guy Calvin Johnson straight up for Luck, he had Brees, and he said no, then traded him for Mike Evans and Dwayne Bowe...Then that guy traded him straight up for Lynch...I got hamstrung lol
  12. doughboys_2002

    RB/WR Trade Help

    Just because you are deep doesn't mean you need to hamstring. trade a lesser receiver for a high risk/reward guy
  13. doughboys_2002

    Should I trade for frank gore?

    Yeah I think you would be doing him more of a favor than yourself...
  14. doughboys_2002

    Rate and leave link

    Jay Cutler Blake Bortles Calvin Johnson AJ Green Keenan Allen Kendall Wright Kenny Britt Arian Foster Gio Bernard Frank Gore Bishop Sankey Jeremy Hill Mark Ingram Terrance West Jordan Reed Greg Zuerlein Tennessee 12 steam standard league 4 Keeper Calvin, AJ, Keenan, and Arian picked in the 9 hole snake style draft
  15. doughboys_2002

    As much as I've seen on keeper help, may need opinion

    I am not a buyer on Foles, but I would badwagon everyone else....even though I would do the same as tigeru