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  1. mista-j

    Dallas Cowboys WR

    We all know they are bad, but a target and a catch and yards are still points. So, everyone but Gallup is available in my league. I have been higher on Hurns over Beasley... but neither have much track record. One of these two are going to have a decent year... Dak has to throw to someone. Who do you say it will be?
  2. mista-j

    Week Six Defense

    Am i crazy for Starting Tennessee vs CLE and putting Seattle on the bench vs ATL? What would you do?
  3. who's starting him, who's benching him?
  4. mista-j

    Kelce or Tamme

    agreed, Kelce #chiefshomertho
  5. 2 RB and a flex - ppr league MCCOY FREEMAN then i have to pick one: Lacy at oakland draughn vs cincy latavius murray vs GB blue at indy andrews at NE I have been hesitant on lacy ,... and have started him on all the wrong weeks...
  6. mista-j

    Help me pick a qb

    i need to pick a qb from the following: manining vs Carolina yates at indy schaub vs kc cassel vs jets i'm really worried about Eli vs carolina... not sure if i am worried enough to start yates... although that matchup is really intriguing. schaub and cassel are not factors... but just roster stashes as we play 2 qb.
  7. mista-j

    FLEX Help!

    Decker is slotted in... I guess if Shady plays i'll probably play him.
  8. mista-j

    FLEX Help!

    I need to pick a flex out of these: McCoy - looks like he is practicing but will he play? Spiller - I'd really like to take a flier on him tonight - talk me off the ledge please! Andrews - in the middle of a three headed "attack" Herron - sneaky play, but he just signed with buffalo and i'm really hesitant. Decker - seems to produce every week but i think you should typically go RB in the flex. Watkins - so unpredictable
  9. mista-j

    QB Decision to make

    any help here...
  10. mista-j

    QB Decision to make

    2 QB high scoring league. first QB is Peyton i need one more pick one... Schaub vs Den Cassel at Cin McGloin at SD Clemens vs TB thanks for your input.
  11. mista-j

    i need 2 qb's

    I need to start a second QB... my options are: Keenum @ JAX Ponder @ BAL Cassell @ BAL Clemens @ ARI McGloin@ NYJ It is a 2 QB high scoring league... my other QB is Peyton. at this point, i am starting keenum.
  12. mista-j

    Whadda you need Monday Night?

    one league - vjax + hartline need under 90 - sealed up. another league - James + L David (IDP) - i need 13 combined... pretty good bet third league has no players... looking good for a 3-0 week
  13. the QB choice is Tebow vs a weak MIN d or Sanchez vs a stingy Wash D. WR choice is Crabtree vs stl or knox vs kc. thanks for your help
  14. mista-j

    which qb to start

    i need 2 i will start rivers, but put him on here to let you know i am not completely scraping the bottom of the barrel on qb's. rivers vs chi tebow vs nyj sanchez vs den palko vs ne high scoring league that rewards completions, yards, td's and rushes
  15. mista-j

    Dynasty League Roster Stash

    for those who are looking ahead in dynasty leagues... who are you looking at picking up at the end of the year? are there any guys who will move up on the depth chart because of FA? any QB's that may find themselves in a starting role next year?