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    Commish Dilemma

    One of my work leagues just ended and the commish sends out an email asking everyone to pay their $50. The problem is half the league says they're not going to pay because they thought it wasn't a paid entry. Our work league has always been a $50 buy-in going on 7 years now. But what's changed is our normal commish and 2-3 steady teams declined to play this year, no money was collected before the season and the commish used a free NFL fantasy league. Normally we'd always go with a premium service. We couldn't even draft our own players this year with this service. All you could do was rank them. So anyway, half of the league says they played all year thinking this was a free league. I can see both sides of the story and I know if I'd won I'd be pissed if half didn't pay up, but on the other hand I can see how they'd think it was a play-for-fun league. What should we do? Thanks guys.
  2. pook187

    (((((CHAMPIONS THREAD))))))

    I finally won one! And it was the work league at my new job. A Rod having a sub par game and my opponent starting J Stew made me clammy the first part of the day. Thankfully my guys pulled through and his combo of Manning/Wayne shat the bed. I cruised to a 40 pt victory! Thanks to my guys: Aaron Rodgers Santonio Holmes Larry Fitzgerald Ray Rice Jamaal Charles Jerome Harrison Brent Celek Lawrence Tynes Patriots DST
  3. pook187

    Ricky or Charles

    Soooooo sorry about this. My bad.
  4. pook187

    Ricky or Charles

    Miami fan here and I'd roll with Ricky. I smell a 2 TD day. Good luck!
  5. pook187

    Harrison or Addai?

    Harrison is playing the Raiders and Addai the Jets. Championship conundrums. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  6. pook187

    Timout while logging in for MyFFToday

    Same thing here. http://fftoday.com/signup.php doesn't load.
  7. pook187

    What are best iPhone FFB apps

    I was just kicking the idea around of writing one myself. More of a draft utility than a weekly scoring utility.
  8. pook187

    Bellicheat is a poor sport

    Does this mean the Pats will miss the playoffs next year?
  9. pook187

    Tom Brady FF teams

    Dude in my league had Brady and Moss and was *crushing* people all year. He scored a total of 37 points yesterday.
  10. pook187

    Help me pick a WW DST

    It's playoff time and I need a DST. Lions vs Cowboys Saints @ Falcons Raiders @ Packers Broncos @ Chiefs Rams @ Bengals Falcons vs. Saints 49ers vs. Vikings Browns @ Jets Dolphins @ Bills Panthers @ Jags I'm leaning towards either the Saints (Atlanta starting Redmond) or the Rams (hoping Bengals turn it over). Who would you roll with? Tnx!
  11. pook187


    Never bench Stephen Davis.
  12. pook187

    Safe to drop Norwood now?

    I could've sworn he retired.