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  1. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    Added numbers to your original quote so you know what I'm responding to. 1. You can't prove a negative. The burden of proof is on the person saying something exists. Take the list of ALL of things he's said (not just the ones that he was right on), along with the mountainous list of just rambling nonsense and show us where they came true. Getting the list should be easy as he essentially gives bullet points in each of his tweets. If it makes it easier, you can start with the list I posted last year and quoted yesterday (or maybe the day before, I don't remember). 2. Let's see it. And it should be conclusive, not something vague that you have to make logical leaps to get to. 3. I'll answer this but let's be clear, this question has absolutely zero to do with whether or not Q Anon is legit... I don't believe Trump was involved in collusion with Russia. I never though he did but I thought there was enough smoke out there with some of the higher ups in his campaign to warrant an investigation.
  2. Kanil

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    The one I played was actually down in (or near) Dallas. My uncle used to live in Flower Mound and when I was in the Air Force I went to hang out with him every Thanksgiving.
  3. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    We're not proving ONE thing wrong. It's 90%+. You're taking one thing right and saying it's legit. That's what's ludicrous.
  4. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    So if I make 10 claims, and 1 of them comes true (and 9 don't) then I'd be a "partially legit" insider also?
  5. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    Has anyone taken any time to put together a list of every one of Qs predictions? I'd bet less than 10% have come true. I don't actually care enough to do it myself but there's got to be someone out there that's done it, right?
  6. Kanil

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    FYI - 20 years ago I played one of those "Tour 18" replica courses that had a replica of 17. My first shot landed 8 feet from the stick* so I don't understand how these so called "pros" keep getting wet. Losers. *3putted
  7. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    I tell you what. I'll answer those questions (again) if you can tell me how the answers to any of those questions validate Q Anon as being a legitimate insider.
  8. 18-25 year olds don't vote. What makes you think 16 year olds will?
  9. Don't like him... Primary: Beto O'Rourke - At least he's not Bernie General: Beto O'Rourke - At least he's not Trump
  10. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    According to the posters in this thread... things "heated up" over a year ago. None of that "heat" has come true. There may be things that happen but I think it's conclusive that Q Anon is spouting off hundreds (if not thousands) of predictions hoping some of them come true. Classic "psychic" scam that you rubes are scrambling to fall for. One piece of advice... DON'T SEND Q YOUR LIFE SAVINGS, even if he promises to use it to personally see to the execution of Hillary/Obama/Mueller/Ginsburg/Beto.
  11. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    The first 14 questions I asked were rhetorical. I think we can all confidently say the answer to OPs questions is that Q is fake. The last question though, is one I won't find on google. Can you answer that one?
  12. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    It's been a very long time since I've been in this crazy a$$ed thread. Can anyone answer my questions on the quoted promises/predictions? 1. What's up with the activation codes? Wasn't this supposed to be something that ended up being a huge deal? 2. Did we ever get the evidence that the intelligence community was trying to assassinate the president? 3. Which Rothschild committed suicide? 4. Hillary in jail because of those found emails yet? Or were they really not found? 5. Did Ginsburg resign and is she still hiding the cure for cancer? 6. Did we find out which person screaming "in front of the camera screaming the loudest" had their end near? And did their end come? 7. Anyone with a link to this killbox traffic cam? It has to be common knowledge at this point, right? 8. Hillary in jail for selling SAPs yet? 9. Did President Trump cut off the CIA North Korean Nuke program or is he now using it to keep America in check? 10. Has it been long enough for evidence to be public knowledge that Snowden worked for the CIA? 11. Twitter still run by the CIA? 12. I missed the Hillary "BOOM" video. Did that come out? 13. Speaking of videos and HRC, has the video of Billary promising Lynch a seat on the SC come out yet? 14. I'm sure there have been hundreds of predictions made since I typed this list a year ago, how many of them have come true? 15. Last question. If these have not yet come true, how long are you going to wait for them to come true before you stop believing crap Q posts?
  13. Kanil

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    Was looking good until Wise sucked on 17... focker.
  14. Kanil

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    www.childrenmangledinhorribleaccidents.com down?