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  1. Kanil

    John Wick

    I like the scenes they do with no cut. I think it was the first one in the club where he's chasing the wienerless dude from game of thrones where they go a couple minutes straight through multiple levels/rooms of the building without cutting. Really cool. The JW movies are great if what you're looking for is an action flick where you don't have to worry about plot. I loved both and will see 3 (although not in theaters).
  2. I agree that you couldn't have just one person determining conflicts of interest. That would lead to too many cases of abuse. For the POTUS, I could see it being some committee in congress or senate.
  3. I think it would have to be determined based on the position. Obviously the same person wouldn't verify the POTUS and the mayor of some podunk New Mexico town.
  4. 100% agree. And I think it should be that way for all elected officials.
  5. You think the IRS is in charge of checking for conflicts of interest with elected officials?
  6. I think you're missing the part where I said ALL elected officials. And the part where I said I'd be surprised if all these congressmen/senators/governors had released their taxes. And the part where I said I think if they're released publicly it will be used as a witch hunt. I don't see why anyone would have a problem with demanding our elected officials don't have financial conflicts of interest.
  7. I think the public has an interest in making sure our elected officials don't have conflicts of interest. Although, like I said above, it should be done by someone with oversight, not released to the general public.
  8. Kanil

    One Scary Perv

    I think the odds are better than 50/50 Chris Hansen is why GFIAFP no longer posts.
  9. Kanil

    SF tourism suggestions

    I've heard the tenderloin district is nice. Unfortunately things are pretty pricey and most places don't accept cards so you'll have to carry a large amount of cash on you when you go there.* *My advice should not be followed.
  10. I see many, many more news articles about the good things police do than bad. And I know most people admire and respect officers. There's a vocal minority (magnified by the ease of spreading your viewpoint) and confirmation bias skewing how bad it is today versus the past. That said, I wouldn't want to be a police officer either. Mostly because once I got out of the military I decided to do whatever gave me the least chance of getting shot at.
  11. I think all publicly elected officials should have to provide their tax returns to someone who is tasked with oversite to ensure there are no conflicts of interest but they should never be released to the general public. Even the President has a right to privacy here. However, in this case I think what the dems want to see them, perform some crowd-sourced audit to find every miniscule thing that could be taken as wrong, and turn it into a massive huge deal. This is the true witch hunt. I wonder how many of these governors/congressmen/senators have released their own tax info? I'd bet it's not even close to 100%.
  12. Kanil

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    Damn... the one time I'm competing on Sunday I'm unable to watch... going back through the thread was fun though!
  13. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    Numbered them again so you know what I'm responding to: 1. And how was it all proven? The answer is by investigating. Good thing we investigated! 2. I can't see pics that are on the normal pic sharing sites at work.
  14. Kanil

    Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

    Added numbers to your original quote so you know what I'm responding to. 1. You can't prove a negative. The burden of proof is on the person saying something exists. Take the list of ALL of things he's said (not just the ones that he was right on), along with the mountainous list of just rambling nonsense and show us where they came true. Getting the list should be easy as he essentially gives bullet points in each of his tweets. If it makes it easier, you can start with the list I posted last year and quoted yesterday (or maybe the day before, I don't remember). 2. Let's see it. And it should be conclusive, not something vague that you have to make logical leaps to get to. 3. I'll answer this but let's be clear, this question has absolutely zero to do with whether or not Q Anon is legit... I don't believe Trump was involved in collusion with Russia. I never though he did but I thought there was enough smoke out there with some of the higher ups in his campaign to warrant an investigation.