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    Doug Baldwin

    Courtesy of the Daily Dose: If timing matters, and with the playoffs a week away, it appears Mr. Baldwin could be in consideration for the title of Random WW Pickup of the Year. Unless I just jinxed the guy. But, at least for the moment, happiness is having Mr. Wilson and Mr. Baldwin catch fire (and having the dumb luck of inserting them into the lineup) at precisely the right time. Thank you note is in the mail.
  2. chroniciguana

    Tie breaker controversy

    Unless it doesn't. C gets tossed. But what if my W-L, H2H record includes a win over C that initially put me a game up? And your W-L, H2H record includes a loss to C that otherwise put you a game down? By tossing our history against C, even though we've tossed C, we've rewritten our H2H history to create a numerical tie that previously didn't exist. Do C's H2H wins and losses disappear along with C? Or do we recognize that they happened, that they factored into the creation of the tie, and include them in the next run-through? If C's games are gone, I could theoretically go from 2-1 in H2H against your 1-2, we'd wind up tied and you'd possibly make it in on points - despite having an inferior H2H record if we had kept C's games in the equation. An argument could be made both ways. And either way, somebody is going to be convinced they were screwed. Now imagine five 7-7 teams in a H2H tiebreaker for two spots. Which is why we ditched H2H if a tie for a playoff spot or position involved more than two teams.
  3. chroniciguana

    Tie breaker controversy

    In online-style leagues where you have random and anonymous owners, agreed. In a league among friends who see each other almost every day, creating divisional rivalries that put the emphasis on H2H play sorta adds to the whole trash talk, competitive thing and gives these games a little more importance and a lot more interest. Particularly when you play your division rivals twice, at the beginning of the season and at its conclusion. But there is a mathematical minefield hidden in H2H as a multi-team, multi-slot tiebreaker. It's too migraine inducing to attempt to explain in a forum post, however. But, as we learned, it's there.
  4. chroniciguana

    anyone here signing Chandler and think he's a good sign

    Chandler is likely worth a roll of the dice this week. Am thinking he's either going to flat line or has the potential to blow up. Faced with a situation where somebody needs to blow up or it's all over, Chandler is probably the best bet among the limited WW options at this point in the season. Hey, if you reckon you're gonna lose with what you currently have at TE, Chandler likely can't make things much worse. And there's always that chance ...
  5. chroniciguana

    Karlos Williams

    Yeah. Sorta my point.
  6. chroniciguana

    Karlos Williams

    Am waiting for the professional Internet "experts" who predicted a limited role for Shady to come clean and admit their advice is worthless and that they're as clueless as my elderly Aunt Edna when it comes to forecasting this stuff. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting ...
  7. chroniciguana

    Waiver wire protocol question

    Found it. Thanks.
  8. chroniciguana

    Wes Welker to the Rams

    I've got a gaping IR hole on the roster, and the gut is telling me to ignore the brain and toss the Welker dart. Another part of the anatomy notwithstanding, have found the gut often tends to think better than the brain.
  9. chroniciguana

    Waiver wire protocol question

    Long story, but am still adapting to a more conventional and rational waiver wire system. Have the No. 3 priority, and am targeting Player A who I might or might not get. I am also contemplating submitting a backup grab for Player B in the event Player A goes elsewhere. Presuming both are still standing when my priority rolls around, how does the system know to give me my first choice (Player A) over Player B, my second choice? There's no apparent way to indicate a preference. Does the first selection take precedence? Or the most recent selection? If it matters, this is a work league hosted by NFL.com.
  10. Not entirely new, and the format was ripped a few years back on this forum as being "ghey." And it's most commonly a player from the opposing bench. One variant of this is to have each owner select a player from the opposing roster prior to Sunday's kickoff (Thursday players get a pass). If that player is parked on the opposing owner's bench, you get his points added to your score. If he starts, no points added. Ownership doesn't change, however. Just the player's points for that week. It's cutthroat and not for crybabies. We did the point sniping variant for one season and bagged it. Not because it wasn't fun. It was. We just grew tired of all the whining. Would love to try the "pirate" idea, however.
  11. chroniciguana

    Daily FFL Controversy

    Bingo. And in this case, they won't.
  12. chroniciguana

    My Season is slowing heading down the crapper.

    These misery threads tend to fetch a crop of "I got that beat" posts. Well, here's one that likely tops them all. I can certainly understand it happening once or maybe even twice over the course of a season. But four out of four? As they say on TV, c'mon man! In Week 4, a middle of the pack team has once again put in a career points performance against my now 0-4 crew, posting yet another weekly league-high score. Ditto for weeks one through three. Yes, every single blessed week of what's fast becoming the Season From Hell, I've managed to find myself on the receiving end of a freak blow-up from an opponent who erupted out of nowhere to post the league's top score. Figure the Vegas odds on this one. C'mon man! Four out of four? After four weeks there have been a combined 602.55 points scored against my boys by teams that have otherwise struggled to top the century mark on any given Sunday, Thursday or Monday. By comparison, the 4-0 division leader has seen just 333.6 points posted against him, and he remains just 20-some points ahead of me in total points for. C'mon man! To add insult to agony, every week the "expert consensus" has made me the favorite to win. Comfortably. Until some practice squad WR3 decides to go off and my opponent once again gets to cash the high points check. I've become a sure thing. I'm money in the bank, a freaking fantasy football ATM machine. I've reached the point where I ought to be demanding a cut of this action. It's fair to say my faith in the notion that knowledge and skill outweigh luck when it comes to this fake football thing is crumbling. So really ... C'mon man! And yeah, "I got that beat."
  13. chroniciguana

    NFL.com leagues: Never Again

    Thanks for clearing things up for the 12 of us who have unknowingly spent the past decade engaged in a colossal waste of time. I hate to think how many more years we would have frittered away in a league that, by your definition, isn't a league. Thanks for opening our eyes and showing us the error of our ways.
  14. chroniciguana

    CJ Anderson - Time to declare bust?

    A bust? As a first round pick, yes. Stuff happens. A drop? For what? Some waiver wire wonder? Right now, he needs to be seen as a stash, not a drop. He's dropping out of the starting lineup, but he's taking a wait-and-see seat on the bench rather than the wire. For now. But if you want to freak out and drop the guy, go ahead. Just don't expect him to be around if he changes your mind.
  15. chroniciguana

    Here is a bold prediction... Brice Butler goes off

    Okay. Ob La Di, Ob La Da ... that's what I wanted to say. Thanks.