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  1. Patriotsfatboy1

    Here goes gas prices

    Probably #92,032 on the list.
  2. Patriotsfatboy1

    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    So, tldr; Tinder died down, you went gay, now you are on Grindr
  3. Patriotsfatboy1

    2019 Week in Maui

    I have been stuck on a boat before. They are floating disease machines.
  4. Patriotsfatboy1

    LeBron is a focking loser

    I was commenting on the long-winded post above yours that was obviously lifted from another site and not cited. I don't like the current game much. Too much standing around. As much as you complain about Curry's 3-ball shooting. How about Harden's dribbling?
  5. Patriotsfatboy1

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    He is 6'7" and 280. Runs like a gazelle and can jump through the roof. Extremely athletic and he plays smart on the court. Still not a great shooter. He is overhyped, though.
  6. Patriotsfatboy1

    LeBron is a focking loser

    Looking at FG % includes 3 balls. The game is about offensive efficiency now. How many points per possession do you get. If you make 50% on 2 point FG's, that is the same as making 33% on 3 point FG's. No one plays defense anymore until the playoffs and, even then, it is not all the time. Showed my 15 year old highlights from Larry Bird and he was rightfully impressed. Said that he didn't realize he was that good and could do that many things.
  7. Patriotsfatboy1

    2019 Week in Maui

    Wife and I were married there almost 24 years ago. Was thinking of going back for our 25th next year. She said that she has no desire to be in a plane that long just to see such a beautiful place.
  8. Patriotsfatboy1

    Good Morning

    You are focking old! I don't turn 51 until July. I figure I will be working until they put me in a box. I think that I would be bored if I was retired.
  9. Patriotsfatboy1

    Good Morning

    Retirement? Fock that. Ask yourself, "Am I getting the most out of my Asian hookers and heroin?"
  10. Patriotsfatboy1

    Noodlin' Girl

    I would like to hear what she grunts like in the bedroom.
  11. Patriotsfatboy1

    Five finger death Punch

    I thought this was going to be a thread about fisting.
  12. Patriotsfatboy1

    Nigeria shooting

    Yup. Been happening for a while. There are thousands who have been killed
  13. Patriotsfatboy1

    Nigeria shooting

    It could be that the Nigerian thing has been going on for a very long time and is not an isolated incident. Trump talked about it to the Nigerian President (or whatever their leader is called) when he visited the WH a while back.
  14. Patriotsfatboy1

    Uh oh

    Conley is in Jacksonville now.
  15. Patriotsfatboy1

    The Walking Dead - Season 9

    Agreed. 👍