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  1. Mullog

    Doug Baldwin overreaction or common sense

    I think Lockett is the safer play with a higher floor. He has caught a TD in all but one game so far! In PPR you can safely expect at least 10 points and as high as 15-17. Baldwin could give you a goose egg - or he could blow up. So the question is, what do you want to do with your #3WR? Play it safe or roll the dice for a possible big score?
  2. Mullog

    Amari Cooper what should...

    I can totally see Jerry telling Dak not to throw to anyone else just to prove he was right. He's basically the head coach so it's not that much of a stretch.
  3. Mullog

    Amari Cooper what should...

    After the Eagles and Texans gave up 3rd rounders for their WR upgrades the Cowboys will definitely want to prove Cooper was worth a #1. They'll try to get him the ball for sure. Whether or not that translates to fantasy points is anybody's guess though.
  4. That's rough. Your bench must be hurting.
  5. This is killing me too right now. Elliot...the Cowboys suck Howard...phased out Henry...dropped
  6. Mullog

    David Johnson for Joe Mixon

    My opinion: trade away DJ to obtain Mixon. DJ may be the better overall RB but the Cards are in bad shape. Mixon is pretty darn good and on a much better team. I would also keep Edelman instead of trying to get Tate in return.
  7. Mullog

    Conner Trade Value?

    You missed two big weeks of production from Connor for Tate's 9 points against Green Bay in week 5 and then his bye week. Hopefully that didn't cost you any games.
  8. LT chased QBs while his personal demons were chasing him, that's for sure. I'm glad he is still around and not 6 feet under after living that kind of life for so long. But as others have said, he wasn't just a pass rusher. He was a 4-down linebacker who knew the game in and out. It helped to have Bill Parcells as a coach - someone who was uncharacteristically patient with him and really took LT under his wing. Ah yes, those were the days.
  9. Mullog

    49ers at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    This kills me too but I think it will stand. I just replayed it in slow-mo. Monty was straddling the 5 yard line and Arod was moving backward but not quite on the 5 yet when he released the ball. Damn.
  10. Absolutely true. It is a fact though, that he is now the #1 TE on an offense that is playing well. With the void of players available at the position that makes him a solid add IMO.
  11. Mullog

    Is Zuerlein back this week?

    I too snatched up Legatron. Hope he plays because I dropped Fairbairn to get him.
  12. Engram has been ruled out for Thursday night. Drop Doyle and grab Uzomah as fast as you can. Play the matchups with Uzo and Engram the rest of the way and you should be fine.
  13. Mullog

    Roto reporting Clement > Smallwood

    And if the Eagles trade for McCoy both of them will be unstartable. (Unstartable is not a word but it should be.)
  14. Mullog

    Best backup RBs to roster

    Malcolm Brown has looked pretty good when he has gotten the ball so far this year. But I think the secret handcuff for Gurley is the rookie who has been inactive every game so far: John Kelly. I have no solid evidence for this, just a hunch. Also, the rookie on the Bengals - Walton - has looked pretty solid. I'd sit on him if I had the roster space. With Mixon and Bernard both having injury histories, it's not inconceivable that he gets a shot at some point.
  15. So I did it, I benched Arod for Dalton. My team lost. I learned to quit trying to be clever and just PLAY MY STUDS. Anyone else learn this the hard way this past week?