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  1. dain11279


    Mike deleted all your emoji-only ones
  2. dain11279

    How former ref Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games

    Yeah I read that yesterday. Good story, was always curious how that all went down.
  3. dain11279

    White guy plans to kill ...everybody

    He seems like he'd be a blast at parties
  4. dain11279

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    Ed has always been a good, trustworthy commish. But outside of Cruzer, nobody has sucked more in our drafts
  5. dain11279

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    This is the stuff I was referring to
  6. dain11279

    Free weather app

    You had the phone in your wife's hoo-ha?
  7. dain11279

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    Never thought we'd see the day.
  8. dain11279

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    The Players is in March, dork
  9. dain11279

    The Walking Dead - Season 9

    Last week's episode was the first one in a while that has me legitimately pumped for the future of the show. Alpha and The Whisperers are creepy as fock. Gonna make great villians IMO.
  10. dain11279

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    That's actually pretty funny you say that. I was in Erie PA (bout 40 miles from here) over the weekend and was right down the road from one. Might check that out next time I'm down that way
  11. dain11279

    El chapstick guilty on all 10 counts!

    I can only imagine how that exchange could've went: Foreman: "We find El Chapo guilty on all charges" El Chapo: "You sure about that?" Foreman:
  12. dain11279

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    Interesting. I like both of those, that's a curious mix. Might go well with chicken tenders
  13. Having one for lunch now with Ken's low-fat raspberry vinaigrette dressing as we speak. Stuff is fantastic, I could drink it out of the bottle. Highly recommend. Normally have to do a French or Catalina if I go out. Are you a boring Ranch person? What's your fav?
  14. dain11279

    Good Morning

    "I was sad when his haid felled off" Had me in tears when I read it. I wish we could dig that tribute thread up. One of the best ever.