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  1. Its their side. Gangs, libs, illegals, terrorists, etc vs Americans. Who's side are y'all on?
  2. tubby_mcgee

    11 year old arrested for not saying Pledge of Allegiance

    Honcho...I know it wasn't your title...its what the media has been using, and you just reposted it... But...for crying out loud. Click bait. "For not saying pledge". It looks more like, to me, well....say a guy goes to a party at a friend of a friends, and they say ..."Hey take off your shoes please" and he doesn't and gets mud on the carpet..and they argue, and it escalates and the guy that refused to take off his shoes is like 6' 8" and he starts just smashing everyone that comes at him, so they call 911, and the cops show up, and he charges at the cops with a broken table leg and they shoot him, would it be an accurate assessment to say "Cops Shoot Man For Getting Mud On the Carpet" ?? EDIT: LOL...I just read Honcho and Fireballer already beat me to it.
  3. tubby_mcgee

    Oh those tolerant, peaceful libs.......

    Hat stands for Make America Great Again. Libs are against America being great. Bunch of lazy ass retards.
  4. The fvcking retarded bltch should be launched in to ocean with the rest of her breed. Hey...another typical liberal
  5. tubby_mcgee

    So when do we collect the check from mexico?

  6. Toe the line This guy, Don Lemon, Sarah Silverman, etc are fighting mad (that Hillary lost). They are promoting the left to take the fight the to the right. They are pushing for confrontation. Are these folks that dumb? Fight? LOL. With what? C0ck juice, pink d!ldos and rocks?
  7. Buncha focking softy whiner babies: Ouchy that hurts my butt!
  8. Silverman, the liberal hero So....some of you on here are liberal. Silverman is liberal. So are MS-13, terrorist, etc. So....you're included with them. You're on the same side. how? Silverman is anti-American. Yet...you hang out on the same side. Just keep bebopping along with the folks that hate America. The hatred for Trump is so great, that folks that were once American, are anti-American and act like they are willing to fight. Silverman talks a big talk. But think about....uhhh....if the other side decided to honor her wish to fight, does she realize how focking much bloodshed there would be amongst her kind? What are they gonna fight with? Salami sandwiches, pink d!ildos and air freshener?
  9. tubby_mcgee

    Man contracts Downs Syndrome

    Tucker asks a question, this retard answers a different question. Happens over and over and over. Does the guy have downs syndrome? Seriously. Uhhh...you just got asked a question, and your next response is to answer a question that you weren't asked. He has some sort of mental retardation issue. I can guarantee it. Man contracts downs syndrome spontaneously on national TV
  10. tubby_mcgee

    Life insurance

    Life insurance isn't to pad someone else's pockets.
  11. tubby_mcgee

    Democrat Projection

    Check out this liberal b1tch....trying to make herself out to be a hero. Gets caught lying, so then decides to apologize. LOL. Nice try. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/cindy-mccain-apologizes-after-police-refutes-her-story-of-stopping-human-trafficking-at-airport
  12. He has had ONE carry today.
  13. tubby_mcgee


    Post #50????? http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=224120&page=2 Or is this it? http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=484619
  14. On a lake... and my plan is to have it on a lift all summer at the lake. I was told that 91 hours on a 2008 is very few...and that is the reason I should get it... cuz it's a great value... etc...(My friend found it on a local website and called the guy selling it).
  15. tubby_mcgee

    Kristine Leahy: Hottest Chick in Sports

    First pic looks like a guy or tranny.