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  1. Homerj24

    Please Help with Flex

    PPR. Pick 1. Josh Gordon @ MIA Spencer Ware vs BAL Tyler Boyd # LAC Mark Ingram @ TB Jeff Wilson vs DEN
  2. Wheaton - 6 catches for 80 yards and a score tonight!
  3. Homerj24

    2015 excel projections are done

    I had noticed that Derek Carr, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker were not on the sheet containing all of the projections. They were located on the team pages though.
  4. Homerj24

    Where would you draft Foster?

    What about auctions? What dollar values are people seeing?
  5. Homerj24

    Zero RB Draft Strategy - What your team might look like

    I agree for the most part. If you were to do this I would pay close attention to the schedule for your QB/WR's during your playoff weeks. I'd want guys in warm weather/domes. Otherwise, you'll likely need your RB production more at that point in the season.
  6. Homerj24

    Us Wilson owners are

    Traded Reggie Bush (Non-PPR) in a deal to get Wilson about a week ago ... DOH!
  7. Homerj24

    St. Louis Rams WRs

    Funny. Eddie Royal was supposed to fill that role too.
  8. Homerj24

    Most you've paid for one player in an auction?

    I agree. We've been auctioning for 12 years. We use a $240 draft cap. I've gone as high as $78 (32.5%) for Marshall Faulk when he was in his prime. That was when teams relied on 1 RB & he was the focal point.
  9. Homerj24

    A. Hernandez owners: What are you doing?

    I've held on to him, but picked up Olsen in the interim.
  10. Homerj24


    I sat him down this week in favor of Kenny Britt. I was down by 19 points heading into the game. Thankfully, I also had Bironas going for me.
  11. And while this doesn't show up in the stat sheet ... Emmitt was one of the best I'd ever seen at picking up the blitz. He as a complete back. There is no question that he is a top 10 at his position.
  12. Homerj24

    whats been your best waiver wire pick up

    Aaron Hernandez
  13. Homerj24

    Ahh...Dwayne Bowe...

    They were practically playing in a hurricane last night. By the time the rain and wind subsided the Chiefs were trying to run the clock out. He'll be in my lineup this weekend against the Browns for sure.