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  1. jeffkomlo

    Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

    Is he Tarik Cohen's dad? think he's a breakout
  2. jeffkomlo

    Super Bowl player picks

    thanks for input guys = you suck
  3. jeffkomlo

    Super Bowl player picks

    League goes to Superbowl, I'm in finals with first pick. He has Gurley With 1st pick I'm thinking Brady or do I go Michel? Thoughts
  4. jeffkomlo

    "Funny business" on WW Finals Week ..

    More pertinent information is needed such as who is the swiftest player being dropped
  5. jeffkomlo

    Names that are a good fit for their teams

    Going out on a limb there
  6. jeffkomlo

    FU week 13

    shoulda had 3 catches that touched tips, went through his hands or hit him in chest F'in dwarf (or is that not PC?)
  7. jeffkomlo

    QB help

    Rivers (Mr. Consistency) vs tough AZ def or Winston (Mr. Unpredictable) vs soft SF D? thoughts
  8. jeffkomlo

    flex help

    Choose the flex: Dion Lewis Frank Gore Anthony Miller A.J Green - if he plays thanks
  9. up 38 with Hill, he has Goff, Woods, Butker I'm doomed
  10. jeffkomlo

    Which 2 RB

  11. jeffkomlo

    Which 2 RB

    Have Cohen, who's been sucking Lewis TN Henry TN pick 2 please...
  12. jeffkomlo

    Indy TEs

  13. jeffkomlo

    Golden Tate traded to PHI

    Did you watch the game last week? 8 carries for 22 yards, how is that involved. We got 3rd round pick for guy who wasn't gonna be there next season, good deal in my book, might as well get something for him.
  14. jeffkomlo

    early FU thread

    last FU for me - FU experts for telling everyone Winston will go off, sat Rivers who "went off"