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  1. GuardBum

    2019 check in

    Yeah I'm in. Exclusives dwindling with the current Jays management but maybe they'll sign someone and/or not just wait until mid-season to bring up some of this youth. I'd love to give the top three a portion of $20.
  2. GuardBum

    *Start Edelman? Sit who?*

    Lewis I think will have a big game against Buffalo and White likely won't have back to back great games if the Pats trend from the last... forever years continue so White is a good gamble to sit.
  3. GuardBum

    What WR's would you start this week?

    Alshon. I'm starting him in a 3WR/Flex league.
  4. GuardBum

    J. Brown, A Cooper or Baldwin?

    I like the shootout that will likely be at Chargers with Cooper but Brown has been in full sync with Flacco and it is still a mediocre CLE. Go Brown.
  5. GuardBum

    Give up on Wilson?

    I traded for him before week 1. I had such faith and still do but it is frustrating. I have Smith on my bench who has some favorable matchups some weeks so I'm hanging onto Wilson. Gave up Wentz and Lynch to get Wilson and Cohen. I'm starting to kick myself for that trade but I had Wilson as a top 3 QB.
  6. GuardBum

    Just got Antonio Brown

    Traded T Hill, D Thomas, T Cohen, A Peterson for Brown and D Freeman. With Mixon coming out of my IR (Yahoo rules) slot and Chicago defense on a bye but I really would rather not waive them, I needed 2 spots on the bench to open. I'm thinking I improved going forward. The consistency of Brown over Hill easily makes up for Demaryius under-performing. Peterson is rotting on my bench as I've played Mixon or Cohen in the flex or even a WR if the matchup is right. Jeffrey is back healthy and I just waived Barber to pick up Corey Davis with Matthews leaving town. The other team was 0-4 to my 3-1.
  7. GuardBum

    **Season Discussion**

    It was close. Congrats Burt on a Homer championship and the only known seed in the NL playoff picture with the Braves. 2 tiebreaker games and then the wildcard play-in game for the 2 losers? Wow.
  8. GuardBum

    Season Standings - weekly results

    Final Matchup In one for the ages Team H/AB* R 1B 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB E IP* W L CG SV K HLD ERA WHIP QS Score Teheran Me Apart 57/220 26 33 17 1 6 27 4 17 2 35.2 3 1 0 0 46 2 3.79 1.15 2 9 Rays Down 48/210 24 31 11 2 4 21 8 20 2 44.1 4 3 0 2 55 6 5.68 1.87 1 7 A great pairing. Really was close and coming at the end of the season with one team in a RW playoff and the other going for respect and spoiler against East opponents it was certainly an interesting battle.
  9. GuardBum

    Bell - Possible Trade To New NFL Team

    NFC doesn't have as many teams with cap space and need for RB. Seattle and SF are about the only 2 with space but Carson/Penny, McKinnon/Breida block that reason. Detroit has some but also Riddick and Johnson taking some cash. Unless they turn KJ back as part of the deal they don't have any extra high round picks however. Oakland would be interesting. It's still the AFC but it is the west which is basically a crap shoot anyways. They actually have the picks and cap space since they dumped Mack. Lynch is getting old and there is no one else on that depth chart threatening to be an everydown work horse. Certainly would protect your young "franchise" QB if you were crazy Gruden.
  10. GuardBum

    Drop Peyton Barber?

    Starting 3 WR and 1 FLEX 1 QB 2 RB 1 TE 1 K 1 DST 2 IDP
  11. GuardBum

    Too Early to Offer up David Johnson?

    Man that's tough but yeah I can see it improving your team. Lot to give up but a healthy Fournette is just under a producing DJ and while losing Allen would be a blow to your WR, Rodgers certainly allows you to dump Keenum and take another flyer on some other guy. Ingram back soon... Flip a coin 7 times and go with the extra point.
  12. GuardBum

    Trade Mike Evans for McCaffrey?

    Evans for McCaffery sure. Evans for Freeman no.
  13. GuardBum

    49ers qb trickle affect

    I might think of dropping Gio for Boyd before Breida. Mixon should be back soon. 2RB/3WR/1FLX?
  14. GuardBum

    Mega trade - who wins ?

    I'll lean a bit towards B but it could be a win for both sides. Not sure the gain on the A side but the potential ceiling is higher there I'd say.
  15. GuardBum

    Trade Lamar Miller?

    You know exactly what you'll get with Miller. So who else do you have and can you take a chance on the RBBC of Detroit. KJ has the best potential of that group. Stay away from Michel. NE RB is a mess.