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  1. Mookz

    Free weather app

    After edjr outed him.
  2. Mookz

    Free weather app

    Sperm-ON. "Free weather rap"
  3. Movie review of some interest:
  4. Heck yes! I love this song.
  5. Mookz

    Farmers love Trump

    That's another thing about her. She's slender but with real big hewders that sit nicely on her chest.
  6. Mookz

    Farmers love Trump

    That one chick from that commercial. She looks both hot and ugly, smart and dumb, and young and old. 🤔 One thing's for sure, that farmer dude doesn't deserve her.
  7. Mookz

    Toyota Sequoia, 4runner, Tacoma under $10k

    That may actually not be Chevy's fault. Let's just say that your wife can be really pushy.
  8. Mookz

    MLB gets rid of the DL!

    I think it means the ghey players have to come out.
  9. Mookz

    CBD Oil

    Cannabis size? Also, thank you for this. Looking forward to the details.
  10. Mookz

    Adnan Virk fired at espn

    Now don't get all virked up over it!
  11. Mookz

    Is this funny?

    It has the structure of something that would be funny.
  12. Mookz

    My kitteh died today :(

    Sorry to hear that, SUX. T's & P's. Meanwhile I'm not sure I want to live in a world where you don't own cats.
  13. Mookz


    It's already a wiff thread. Just call it "SUPER BOWL".
  14. It's been skating by on byte privilege for far too long.