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  1. Turcaso

    Doyle or Ebron?!

    Both are going to be very good given the WR's in Indy and Luck not being able to throw over 20 yards:)
  2. Turcaso

    Guys Who Moved Up!?

    Patrick Mccombs!
  3. Turcaso

    Leagues with Super Flex. Need Advice

    Not sure in a 10 teamer.....but in a 12 team league if you want a decent #1 (Rivers, Ryan, maybe even Ben) you have to get one by the 5th. On your 2nd it depends who you are comfortable with.....you may have to go back to back if you are picky...... If you can deal with ( Eli, Bortles or Kennum) you can wait til the 8th or 9th..... I assume this changes by a round or two in a ten teamer. I also think it's worth get 4 core players before a QB even in a superflex league.
  4. Turcaso

    How early is too early for D. Watson?

    He has been going in the 6th or 7th in the 12 teamer (real drafts not mocks) that I've been doing.
  5. Turcaso

    Josh Gordon returns to Browns

    Wow.....so nobody here thinks he's on track to contribute early and have a good season? (Says the guy who drafted him in the 5th after taking Sequan, Dalvin in Ertz in the first 3 rounds:(
  6. Turcaso

    Undervalued WR's

    With all the Goodwin frenzy....I got Garcon in the 12th! Cam Meredith is going very late if he gets the NO #2 slot....
  7. Turcaso

    Barkley vs Cook in PPR

    Yeah and Cook has played 4 games and went out for the season. I'm surprised to see how many have Cook over Barkley on the thread. Viks have a solid and proven goal line back and will give him plenty of work with Cook coming off the injury. Sequan is at top 6 pick....Dalvin is a great RB2 with upside.
  8. Turcaso

    Undervalued WR's

    Jamison Crowder is going 7-9th and there in my opinion is Mucho Valor at that point!
  9. Turcaso

    Week 1 Plug and Play Sleeper WR's

    Nelson Aguilar
  10. Turcaso

    QB Pairings

    The wait on QB strategy has gone Loco..... Cam, R Wilson and Brady went in the 9th in my latest draft. I took Luck in the 10th...... The way it is now you can go back to back in the 9th or 10th round and get two top 10 QB's..... Or just team up your favorite at that point in the draft with Eli who is there at the end, never misses a game and will have a much better year based on weapons.
  11. I'm seeing M Gordon there at more than half of mocks.....and in all cases you can team him up with Odell or Juilo........that seems like a great start. The RB/RB strategy seems a lot more viable as the WR depth is lasting much longer into the end of the 3rd and early forth than RB's......IMO
  12. Turcaso

    Jarvis Landry vs. Randall Cobb

    So Lamar Miller goes to Houston and is a top 5 RB.....and many people are citing the presence of Arian Foster as a reason Landry's stats will regress?
  13. Turcaso

    kirk cousins

    Smells a little like the Nick Foles situation last year....I'm considering dropping Big Bed for him as a back up to Matt Ryan
  14. Turcaso

    McCoy to the Raiders...

      That's funny