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  1. WhiteWonder

    2019 - Draft Discussion

    there was only 1 game today, correct? is yahoo just glitchy and scoring spring training games?
  2. In Someone said they could lend me the entry fee?
  3. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    The recent addition by the Rays of Trevor Story has lit a fire under Tim Beckham.... Willy Adams has also stated he is feeling the competition....
  4. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    im cool with him picking whenever. i dont want to be a hard ass or anything..... then again, we are in the middle of a known draft with a known time crunch before the season begins... id say all players should be eligible. If he wants a mariner or athletic, its only hurting himself. and I would also agree that the pick needs to be in before game 2 or its gone. just because luxury of letting more info come out on injured players... etc etc (even though I dont think its going to make much of a difference)
  5. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    games start at 5:45 AM correct? If Cdub doesn't appear by 9 EST, i'd say lambert and 29 guests should be able to finish off their draft and get their teams ready.
  6. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    Have to say I am jealous of my family owned cubbies Judge and Soto is a damn nice haul for an offense that is already pretty stout.
  7. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    I'm going to hope this isn't a joke so I can feel good
  8. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    So I figured Paxton would last to 27.13. It sucks to leave some of the hitters on the board but my starting pitching needs help. So does 1B and there was a guy I was considering but again, lack of SP options combined with Tampa using silly openers and having to guess which guy will pitch 2nd in those games (meaning eligible for the win) left me no choice. There were 2 safer options on the board and one more talented but I can't wait a month or more to find out if he's ready.... so I'm going to pretend it's 2016...... Mad Bum baby!
  9. WhiteWonder

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    Can't believe I'm doing this.... 28.02 - Madison Bumgarner, SP, SF
  10. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    Story was to be my 28th rounder. CMH really nailed me. He played it well though and Paxton will win the Cy Young
  11. WhiteWonder

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    27.13 - Trevor Story, SS, COL
  12. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    Give me a few so can make a terrible pick
  13. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    You have to be f ING kidding me. I waited all that time to have the one dude I wanted sniped the pick before me?
  14. WhiteWonder

    When was the last time you "Won the day" here?

    I win the day everyday Also March 2nd 2017. Shocked I've ever "won" a day. Whatever that means
  15. WhiteWonder

    2019 Season Discussion

    I’ll be around to pick later this evening sorry for any holdup