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  1. davesnutz

    Does anyone win with RB's anymore?

    I'm getting crushed in the Superbowl by David Johnson, LeVeon Bell and LeGarrette Blount (Dynasty .5 PPR)
  2. davesnutz

    Don't ask why :p Start Bibbs or Hightower week 12?

    Thank you gentlemen for the input, done.
  3. Any insight from Denver or Nawleans homers?
  4. davesnutz

    Hightower usage?

    What is Hightower's outlook now? Is he this year's Hightower all over again?
  5. davesnutz

    FanDuel and DraftKings Agree to Merger

    There can be only one
  6. Also, not defending his whinyness at all, but Cam Newton is the number 1 player ever in fantasy football in the whole history of football.
  7. The Coolness of this Story flows, Bro.
  8. davesnutz

    Hogan getting NO love.

    Funny story, I hope. I was in Raleigh visiting friends last Monday night during Steelers/Skins at a bar. Someone brought up BB loving him some white boys at a disproportionate rate, then someone else brought up the "R" word, and I sat silent grinning knowing I could never explain this thread. The table next to us 5 agreed and made some interesting comments. Granted, perhaps it is my exposure to these biased folks once a year that makes me think the way I do, but it was funny none the less! Just a "CSB", not trying to spark debate. Cheers! p.s. Hogan looks pretty good
  9. davesnutz

    Hogan getting NO love.

    Okay, you win. Now that we know you are immune from racism, this statement from you sounds perfectly normal. Listen man, you need to respect other people's opinions if you hope to learn anything in life. I did state earlier that Bill B. is a racist, cheater and an . That's my opinion from what I and many others have seen from him. It's alright if you don't agree with me, but asking if by some slim chance if I am white because I sound to you as sympathetic to BLM is way out of line for this forum.
  10. davesnutz

    Hogan getting NO love.

    Wow, and I am supposed to be the troll here!?! If this thread gets locked it will be because of ignorant and blatantly racist comments like this.
  11. davesnutz

    Hogan getting NO love.

    You still come off as a racist, good one bud.
  12. davesnutz

    Hogan getting NO love.

  13. davesnutz

    Hogan getting NO love.

    And just to pile on, Frozenbeernuts, I have been following Bill B. and his shenanigans since Cleveland when you were in elementary school.
  14. davesnutz

    Hogan getting NO love.

    And there is the Jealousy post I predicted. FBN, you continue to sink to new lows.