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    Mendenhall and Ocho for Gore?

    I was looking at Ocho's upcoming matchups as well. Very nice.
  2. Should I make the trade of giving up Mendenhall and Ocho for Gore? It would force me to start Boldin with Moss every week, with no depth behind them. But, I would have Gore, Dwill, and P. Thomas to start at RB. I think this trade might strengthen my starting lineup, but kill my depth. I'm fighting for my playoff life. What's your opinion on Gore? Is he too injury prone to trade this much for, or not. Also, will Boldin be sufficient as a no. 2 receiver from here on out? Having a tough time with this one.
  3. Who would you roll with today?
  4. I need a website that will host my auction league if we perform the draft in person. I need a site that I can input our draft after the in person draft. I know there are several sites that will host an online draft, but not host the league if the draft was held in person. Do I have to just sign up for the live on-line league, then manually enter each auction pick? I'm thinking about using ESPN, but they only have an online auction draft, not an offline auction draft feature. I really appreciate any input.
  5. I am the commish in an auction league that has been going for some 15 years now. We have always had a live auction where twelve of us get together and draft. My problem is that I want to find a site that I can put our auction results into, and it will manage the rest of the season for us. I have always had to calculate the scores and roster transactions manually every week. It takes way too long, and opens the door for possible mistakes. Our scoring system and salary cap ($260) are a little weird, so I also need something that you could customize quite a bit. I know the other owners in the league are too set in their ways to go to an online auction. Thanks.
  6. Take me back to the days of Sanders, Herman Moore, Perriman, and Wayne Fontes. They didn't win anything big in those days either, but at least they were entertaining as hell.
  7. truk34

    Larry Johnson's leg being wrapped...

    Look's O.K. to me. He's playing.
  8. I am the commish. of a live auction draft. I can't find a website that I can plug in the results of our auction draft, and customize the league scoring. Does anyone know of a site where I can do this, after the draft has already been completed?
  9. truk34

    trade help please

    I wouldn't do it either. You need help at rb, but I just don't trust Jacobs yet. You know what you have in Harrison.
  10. truk34

    14 man Draft? Ugh...How's My Team?

    For 14 teams, I like it a lot. Should be a solid contender if your starters stay healthy. Not a lot of depth though.
  11. truk34

    Reggie Bush Trade?

    I run an 12 team auction league and am considering offering Reggie Bush and Chris Chambers for Terrell Owens, Marshawn Lynch and Miami D. My three keepers this year were Larry Johnson, Willie Parker and Reggie Bush, so I will still be ok at running back if this trade happens. But, I really need a top flight WR (I only have R. Moss and C. Chambers), and with our league salary cap, this was the only viable trade I could come up with. I can't trade L. Johnson or Parker because the money doesn't work out. Let me know if you think I am giving up too much? Thanks. Team qb Brady qb M. Schaub wr R. Moss wr C. Chambers wr W. Welker rb L. Johnson rb W. Parker rb R. Bush te A. Gates k O. Mare d Colts d Cincinnati
  12. truk34

    who are ur keepers

    Here are my keepers in a $260 cap auction league. We are allowed 3 keepers... 1) Larry Johnson $10 (Kept him for the past two years. I'm a little worried about his number of carries last season, but at his price, I can't possibly let him go.) 2) FWP $1 (Another keeper from last season. Just hope he comes close to the numbers he has put up so far.) 3) Reggie Bush $55 (I drafted Bush, and although his price is high, I really want to go into the draft with all my running backs taken care of. This way between my three keepers, I hope to have at least two of the strongest running back starters around. If all three are dominating, I may look to trade one of them.)
  13. I just took over commish duties this year in a league that has existed for over 10 years. There is one owner in the league that has been with us for about 7 years now, and has always paid his fees in the past, although they have always been very late. Well, this year he has informed me that he cannot pay his fees because he can't afford them. Problem is, he is about to make the playoffs. I have asked other owners to give me some insight on what they would like done, but haven't gotten many replys. Also, if I kick this team out and put the next best team in the playoffs, it would be my own team. This would look pretty fishy. Some advise would be much appreciated.
  14. truk34

    Who else had Holt, Horn & LT...

    Am about to set the all time high score for one week in our league. Best part is that I am facing my biggest rival, and he was talking all kinds of smack coming into this week. I was 1-4 and will now be 2-4. I had Bulger Holt R. Brown W. Parker L. Johnson L.J. Smith Denver D And I still have Robbie Gould left to go tonight. I need 13 points from him to set our all time high score.
  15. truk34

    0-4 ...

    At the beginning of the season, I could have swore I had my best team ever... qb Bulger/Favre wr1 Holt wr2 Fitzgerald rb1 LJ rb2 FWP te L.J. Smith k Gould d Panthers I had the fourth highest score two weeks ago, but played the guy with the third highest score. Then this past week, I played Favre instead of Bulger and scored the fifth highest amount, but played the guy with the fourth highest amount. I'm starting to think head to head sucks. I have the fifth highest point total, yet am ranked 12th in a 12 man league. Hoping I can somehow start pulling out some wins and slip into the playoffs. Everyone keep the faith. It can only get better.