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  1. Cdub100

    Thugs destroy a gas station

    Do you have a source for this. Not saying you're lying and I don't necessarily disagree with you but would like to read more.
  2. Cdub100

    National Emergency

    Shouldn't you be giving out quest to action adventure players?
  3. Cdub100

    National Emergency

    That echos back to my original point. The border wall is nothing new. It has been extended, new portions built and improved throughout the years, by both parties. Only now things have changed and NPCs like Kanil and Wiff can only see that orange man bad so we must #resist everything he does
  4. Cdub100

    Forums Software Upgrade - 2/5/19

    Why can't I change my profile?
  5. Cdub100

    National Emergency

    Oh this is interesting. What power, did Trump take away from Congress? Because the constitution is clear that the President, first and foremost, is responsible for ensuring America’s national security. Also Democrats have used this power before Obama did it a bakers dozen times, but nobody cared. Just like nobody cared when Bush or Clinton or Bush i or Reagan or Carter etc... used it. I repeat NOBODY CARED, until you and your people freaked the f0ck out because you lost your own rigged election “The Founders intended that the President have primary responsibility along with the necessary power to protect the national security and to conduct the Nation’s foreign relations.” – Justice Clarence Thomas June 28, 2004
  6. Cdub100

    National Emergency

    That's rich. What exactly is wrong about our president securing our national border? You're acting like this border wall is some new radical thing that has never been done before. JFC both parties have voted and approved this very thing dozen if not hundreds of times. All this shows is people like you, and the Democrats will cut off their nose to spite their face. Orange man bad is the only reason to fight adding to the border wall already in place that both parties have approved of.
  7. Cdub100

    National Emergency

    No I don't know if this is for a different reason because I have no idea why past president have called a national emergency. Neither do you or anyone else. Be honest you have to look up the reasons don't you? But hey since liberals got nothing else to complain about I guess they can pretend to be national emergency experts this week.
  8. Cdub100

    National Emergency

    That wasn't my point at all. Y'all are so hyper sensitive nobody even knows how many, when and for what past presidents declared National Emergencies. But when TRump does it. LORDY LORDY LORD we will hear about it. It's just more faux outrage from the left and people are tired of it.
  9. Cdub100

    National Emergency

    I remember all outrage over Obamas national emergencies...
  10. Cdub100

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I'm still confused about what NYC was giving up?
  11. Cdub100

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I had a manufacturer in India producing them for me.
  12. Cdub100

    Amazon not coming to NY

    They are no longer fashionable. Most people including my target audience use back packs or have the money to buy expensive leather goods.
  13. Cdub100

    Amazon not coming to NY

    She cut me out of the family business
  14. Cdub100

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I used to sell mens leather briefcases. I will be selling board games my friends and I design next year.
  15. Cdub100

    Shocking news in the world of rap music

    If Obama had a son.