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  1. Cdub100

    Dumb credit card question

  2. Cdub100

    What Stocks Ya Got For 2019?

    I think Visa will hit 180 this year.
  3. She's super sarwee.
  4. Cdub100

    Maga crowd

    Scary how these people have been brain washed they have no clue how basic economics works and they are voting for idiots know even less.
  5. I think we already do. It's just that every other race, white, Asian, etc... Has gotten over being enslaved at one point and moved on. Blacks keep buying into the Democrats slave mentality.
  6. Cdub100

    AOC and the "Green New Deal"...

    We cannot give any more of these people power.
  7. Cdub100

    Maga crowd

    Do you know how banks work? Apparently not.
  8. Cdub100

    Maga crowd

    So what you're saying is you have no idea how the world works.
  9. Cdub100

    Maga crowd

    We have different ideas of what cases that shrinking. You seem to blame the owners of companies the same people who actually create all those jobs and have all the risk. Lets use a random company. Lets say Ford. Ford Motor Company employed approximately 199,000 people in the fiscal year of 2018. Ford CEO Jim Hackett earned total compensation of $16.7 million in 2017. If he donated his whole salary each person would get $90 extra dollars before tax. I don't think your solution actually fixes anything. One major cause that I blame is liberals inviting in millions of cheap labor illegals to under cut our earnings. I blame the horrendous trade deals that send our jobs over seas. I blame our government that allow companies to abuse the work visa programs.
  10. First they need to go after Africa. After all it was black people who sold other black people into slavery. Then they can go after the jews. It was jews merchants who bought them first and transferred them across the Atlantic and sold them to the people of the new world (white , black and brown). We where just the last stop of a long train of slavery.
  11. I don't understand. Black people can pretty much get into any college they want with substandard scores they also have access to almost unlimited grants with minimal effort all for the color of their skin. How would this change anything?
  12. Cdub100

    What's your current 40 time?

    I have never been a fast runner. My best 5k time was 24 minutes. I swam and played baseball in highschool.
  13. Cdub100

    Name that Geek, micropeen addition

    Now we know why wiff hates women so much
  14. Cdub100

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    Strange how he left out religion...
  15. A vote for Democrats is a vote for this type of sh1t.