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  1. wiffleball

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    JFC. Shakes head.
  2. One more than one occasion: "Don't come in my hair!" Whilst I appreciate her confidence in me, At this age, I couldn't come in her hair if I was focking her ear hole.
  3. wiffleball

    Kamala Harris for President

    Bush, Trump, Kushner, etc notwithstanding...
  4. wiffleball

    Kamala Harris for President

    Jussie's Girl
  5. wiffleball

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    I understand Kamala Harris has a new campaign theme song; Jussie's Girl :bananna:
  6. wiffleball

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Just more proof that The Fringe left are bunch of idiots. Think of all the otherwise decent guys who got swept up in the me too witch Hunt and their lives and careers were ruined and they were sent to some kind of career limbo indefinitely. This freak? Has done far more irreparable damage 2 multiple communities and empowered that which the liberals supposedly abhor. And yet, even before charges were filed, they were finding ways to justify and defend his horribly destructive and damaging lies and behavior. What this guy did is and will continue to be far more horribly destructive than some guy who told an off-color joke or jerked off into a ficus plant for Pete's sake.
  7. wiffleball

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Let's not act like there wasn't an entire Community out there that was thrilled to have all of their biases confirmed when this story first came out. Guys like Don lemon and others are absolutely beside themselves that they didn't have a great story about how awful whitey maga is. We saw this before not long ago in Houston. This isn't about one nutty guy who made a mistake. He read the room. He knew there was a full community out there just desperate 4 proof of their suspicions that America is filled with awful whitey magas. To use modern vernacular, there is tremendous "agency" in being a 'victim.'
  8. wiffleball

    White guy plans to kill ...everybody

    Frankly, I'm a lot more worried about Postal Workers than this guy. Nobody ever threatened to go Coastal on somebody.
  9. wiffleball

    LGB versus T

    . Just like those idiot occupy protesters before. These idiots start fighting amongst themselves. Remember when black my eyes matter literally shoved Bernie off the stage at one of the most progressive and successful cities in the country? Yeah, how'd that work out for you guys? Oh yeah, Bernie didn't even get the nomination. And you? You get Trump. "But weeze wuz angry!" 🐵 These fockers cant throw a one Horse parade without fighting each other.😁
  10. wiffleball

    LGB versus T

    LGB, LeGarrett Blount?
  11. wiffleball

    Kamala Harris for President

    She really botched the Jessie follow-up question.
  12. wiffleball

    White guy plans to kill ...everybody

    (Trump Tweeted) ... Lyin Joe Scarborough and Nancy are just some of the people targeted by this troubled sailor. If the liberals are so peaceful, why do so many people want to kill them? 7:04pm #RealDonaldTrump
  13. wiffleball

    White guy plans to kill ...everybody

    US. Coast Guard lieutenant and self-identified white nationalist was arrested after federal investigators uncovered a cache of weapons and ammunition in his Maryland home that authorities say he stockpiled to launch a widespread domestic terrorist attack targeting politicians and journalists.
  14. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/self-proclaimed-white-nationalist-planned-mass-terror-attack-government-says-i-am-dreaming-of-a-way-to-kill-almost-every-last-person-on-earth/2019/02/20/61daf6b8-3544-11e9-af5b-b51b7ff322e9_story.html
  15. wiffleball

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Friend of mine told me he was listening to Don lemon on XM on the way home. He said Don lemon sounds like his dog died. Poor race baiter. He's the real victim.