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  1. wiffleball

    Literally just flipped to Hannity

    ... back off hold. Senior page from the Liberals which drove the trumpets nuts on this board. ... and if they do that, people are going to leave this country in droves! All the businesses will leave this country! Sound like some Hollywood liberal types we know of? Meanwhile, we find out that Flynn was trying to circumvent the nuclear weapons technology ban by selling to the Saudis even after he was fired. Let me find out he wasn't actually fired. Because Trump hates firing people. We have Rodger Stone probably going to jail. And all kinds of other ship going on, but you can be sure hannitys not going to cover any of that.
  2. Hannity talking over photo of AOC ... criminalize cows, high speed trains to New Zealand, sailboats to Europe... Guest chimes in... ... and they want to tax the American citizen from 70 to 90% on their wages! That's not me cherry-picking. That's literally me just turning the channel during a commercial. No wonder Fox News Watchers come across as just freaking idiots. I'm sure Grandpa Festus in armpit West Virginia is outraged as he watches Hannity right now.
  3. That's why I don't wear khakis.
  4. wiffleball

    Guy slaps his daughters 12yo bully (boy)

    The dude crossed the line with physical contact. If as a grown ass man you can't put the fear of Jesus into a 12 year old boy without hitting them, you ain't trying hard enough.
  5. wiffleball

    National Emergency

    Yeah, I don't want this plane ready, but best to drop the whole guns issue. If anything, it's a matter of getting guns from America to Mexico to stop. Anybody ever remember project Gunrunner? Fast and Furious? Fox was all over this for quite a while. True story. The majority of guns used to kill people in Chicago? Come from places like Indiana and Colorado militias. Majority of guns used by Mexican cartels? Check it out, they come from El Norte. True story. Maybe they should build the fucken wall after all.
  6. Damn Congress is trying to outlaw BumpCawks.
  7. wiffleball

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Yeah, a lot of the colored ones are talking about how Chicago cops are racist and can't trust them on this. Really? And how about the two Nigerians? Because they're real black, not mulatto, not tan, not some half-breed 'SortaNagger' like you are. Are they racist too? Stupid.
  8. They can have your flaccid peenis. When they floss it out of my closely spaced teeth.
  9. Like his Tranny Ban? 'Cause I'll take the under. (They already did)
  10. wiffleball

    National Emergency

    Not to mention the horrific rise in pink linen suits with no socks. Was the beginning of the end.
  11. phuck the rat. You want to make that movie a billion times better? Just remove every scene involving Martin Sheen. I remember when they're filming Patriots Day the director told everybody look if you can't do a perfect Boston accent, then don't do one at all. Next time you watch it, noticed that the only two people attempting a Boston accent are Mark Wahlberg who's from there and John Goodman. Nobody else could make it work. Well, except for the fat lady cop on the roof who refused to give up territory to the FBI. Pretty sure she was from Boston as well. Sheens abortion of a Boston accent was an affront not only to Boston, not only to the audience, but to Cinema as a whole. And speaking of Lucas and Spielberg? The falling off the roof scene from The Departed had all the technical Merit of a Three Stooges movie from the 30s. That is one of the most overrated movies I have ever seen falling just under Gone with the Wind. Next time you feel like watching The Departed? Stab yourself in the diick. And then rent Broken City. A vastly Superior film.
  12. I think that's what the headline on CNN said.
  13. wiffleball

    Rodger stone is an idiot

    Judge orders Stone to court on Thurs. Dumbass
  14. wiffleball

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    God, no kidding!