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  1. To me, this is a pretty clear example of the kind of sheep that follow Trump mindlessly and without question. In other words members of a cult of personality. How do you know that? Imagine if Obama had said even a tenth of these things about McCain. The Trump crew here would lose their freaking minds. What does he know? He didn't even serve in the military! He's not even American I told you! And on and on... What a classless jerk for making fun of somebody who's not even around to defend himself! Anybody anybody who's honest would have to admit that. All you need to do is go back to the last year or so of the campaign between McCain and Obama to see the kind of vitriol that was launched from the McCain side about Obama's lack of military service. Hell, go back further to candidates who did serve and even they were Swift boated. But somehow, Trump, even with all his cowardice company gets a pass on saying absolutely vile crap about McCain. If you can't realistically admit the dichotomy and hypocrisy in that, it's just further proof of your blind, unthinking, sheep like hero worship of a guy who absolutely doesn't deserve it. But again, Trump had you guys figured out from the get-go. Just a bunch of rubes they would let him kill somebody in the middle of fifth avenue and you guys would find ways to fall all over yourselves to make excuses for him doing so. He knew it back then.
  2. wiffleball

    Google Stadia

    I'm usually a live-and-let-live kind of guy, but this is one of those serious medical issues wherein if you are a standing wiper, and you get dizzy, you are at an abnormally greater risk of serious injury or even potentially fatal death.
  3. wiffleball

    Public Shaming

    At least tigers whores all had the good sense to have their 1 press conference with Gloria pant suit, pick up their check and go the f*** away.
  4. wiffleball

    Google Stadia

    Do not take stadia if you are nursing or plan to be pregnant anytime in the future. Stadia is not intended to replace your daily exhaler. do not take stadia if you are allergic to stadia or stadia related products.do not take stadia if you are nursing or a nursing student or plan to be bloated, chilly or gassy any time in the future. Stadia is not intended to replace your daily exhaler. Do not take stadia if you are allergic to stadia or stadia related products. Stadia is not intended to be taken without the express written consent of Major league baseball. Stop taking stadia immediately and contact your doctor if you experience restless leg syndrome, dry mouth, bloody stools, dry stools, bar stools, or oddly shaped or discolored stools in your or any of your co-workers bowel movements.
  5. wiffleball

    One Scary Perv

    as of January 2019: 17 states have no minimum age of marriage in some cases. 2 states have a minimum age of 14. 5 states have a minimum age of 15. 19 states have a minimum age of 16.
  6. wiffleball

    Rep. Devin Nunes sues Twitter for $250 million

    Waaah! Twitter allowed people to make fun of me! WAAH!😭😭😭 This will get tossed faster than jussie smollett's salad. ... And then he and Trump will whine about activist judges. 😄
  7. No worries. I'm sure CNN will be all over this. Right? Right?
  8. For a group of people that run around spouting on a daily basis Trump won and everybody should just get used to it. .... They sure spend a lot of time on Obama. And worse than that? On Hillary, who was never president. Not a whole lot can be done about Obama now, except scream what about what about what about?
  9. wiffleball

    AOC is an actress...Brains behind her inside....

    NoYeah, yeah, this pretty much sums it up. AOC can't even run for president due to her age and still she's number two and Democratic coverage mentions by Fox News? Fox News has run more coverage on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) than on any of the likely or possible 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls apart from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the Washington Post reported Wednesday. ---------------- Pretty pretty much exactly like CNN biitching about Trump but providing him with about a billion dollars and free advertising / coverage.
  10. I hope Tina Fey sent a huge bouquet of roses to McCain's funeral. Damn, Palin absolutely made her career.
  11. Again, I would strongly encourage you to go back and read some of Limbaugh's comments regarding McCain all the way up until he was GOP candidate. But yeah, once McCain chose Palin? Then freaking field day. But again go back and read people like Kathleen Parker and Bill kristol who were hardcore on the right on Fox panels all the way up until the time that Palin was named. I believe Kathleen Parker called her a b******* artist in print. Really wish McCain would have gone with Lieberman. Between Palin and his dumbass Joe the plumber nonsense, his campaign sort of got away from him and was subsequently hijacked by the stupid.
  12. We've done this about a dozen times already. All you have to do is Google something like SNL makes fun of Obama and the results come pouring back. But you guys have your own little narrative stuck on permanent Auto repeat. So what's the point? Like I said, we've done this before. and yeah, Trump is made fun of more because, just for example, this last weekend alone? He tweeted over 50 times! Everything from judge Purina to Saturday Night live rerun for Christ's sake. That's why I brought up him tweeting over 20 times about twilight. The dude is literally a lunatic. And if this is what we know about him now? Can you imagine what we're going to find out after he's out of office? "NOT A PUPPET! YOU'RE THE PUPPET! NOPE! PUPPET PUPPET! YOU'RE THE PUPPET!" Clearly, a very stable genius. 😄
  13. 'abrasive' auto corrected to 'racist'. Go back and read my post now and should clear things up.