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  1. Da Baker

    The fix is in!

    srsly I dont know why Manning didnt just run the pass interference play at the end I guess he really is a stupid as he sounds lol hick
  2. Da Baker

    Hi Patriots....

    like what a measly 24 points? lol
  3. Da Baker

    Wow! Look at all of those

    Throw it into the stands then. seriously, classy.
  4. Da Baker


    Take a good look, this is what happens when Indy plays someone straight up rather than as a support player to the refs. What a joke. I also love how everyone makes injury excuses for them, well in reality you are missing 1 guy and he is so washed up he should have retired 4 years ago
  5. Da Baker

    Mel Blount calls the Ravens pathetic

    And this team is supposed to challenge the Patriots? Wow talk about overrated.
  6. Da Baker

    awesome. rothlisbuttburger hurt

    That's what they get for running up the score
  7. Da Baker

    After yesterday it's obvious

    It would have been 55-20 if Morris had been healthy.
  8. Score would have been 44-20 if Troy had been healthy.
  9. Da Baker

    Fake Crowd Noise? UPDATED with Video

    Patriots : 1 Indy+refs+fake crowd noise: 0 Oh and also if grampa harrison had been in the game they obviously would have won right? I mean Manning wouldnt have been owned on the last drive and fumbled the ball if old man harrison was in the game! YEAH! RABBLE RABBLE!! LOSERS
  10. Da Baker

    BirdBradyBobbyOrr's Official Opinion

    That was absolutely atrocious officiating, get this, they had to break the RECORD on penalty yards just to keep Indy in the game. Take away the beyond one-sided calls and that game is 31-10 take away addai's lucky run on which I am sure there was legendary amounts of holding and the score is 38-3 or 6. What a joke. Lol break the record on penalty yards I mean they are usually very generous with Indy and crybaby Manning but that was just downright pitiful. Patriots: 1 refs/Indy: 0 Have fun getting beat by the NFL's 2nd favorite wife next week.
  11. Da Baker

    Colts complain to league about scheduling

    Colts suck and are overrated, Manning is a crybaby and so is his owner. They are going to get crushed and then make every excuse there is for the lulz.
  12. Da Baker

    Pats calling trick plays?

    There is no question.
  13. I will tell you what is going on in this game. Last week everyone wanted to say the Pats ran the score up. No. THIS is what they will do to you if they want to run the score up. So next time you can tell the difference.