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  1. kcBlitzkrieg

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    Godwin eating yes everyone eating on Buccs o with the Bruce
  2. kcBlitzkrieg

    post your 7-0 teams

    Gurley is the common factor in this thread.... Keeper league / .5 ppr Russ Gurley / Alvin / Connor Manny Sanders Diggs Kittle DJ started 1 or 2 games and Yeldons been riding the pine... 8-0 life is good. Best of luck to all rest of way
  3. kcBlitzkrieg

    Nick Mullens will throw for 5000 yds

  4. Good points, Very true on the online comments... I think all will agree though that this move has to be better for DJ, even if it involves more pass blocking.
  5. kcBlitzkrieg

    Big Ben ROW. Tough schedule...

    Playoff schedule is good for Ben and as noted above the toughest matchups for them are at home.
  6. kcBlitzkrieg

    Melvin Gordon Questionable

    Ebron first but Dookie is the dark horse. Hes got not action all year but who knows what his role might become now Hyde is gone.
  7. kcBlitzkrieg

    Melvin Gordon Questionable

    This guy gets it
  8. kcBlitzkrieg

    Melvin Gordon Questionable

    No brainer there buddy...
  9. At least he is coming from the Bruce Arians coaching tree. Anything will be better than Mccoy. Hes a first time play caller but one would expect DJ to at least get involved more in the vertical passing game. No risk it no biscuit as Arians says.
  10. kcBlitzkrieg

    Trade advice: Trade Mixon for Keenan Allen?

    Yes for White no question. You have a strong stable of RBs but sorry WR corp, need to upgrade. Will still be set at RB.
  11. Kamara was gone in ppr but I took Fournette over Hunt at 7 spot. Not an easy decision by any means.
  12. Ive seen similar threads like this and now wonder, Why does anyone not consider Fournette at this spot? With TD potential, increased passing game usage and overall talent in general he should definitely be up there as a top 3-6 drafted RB.
  13. kcBlitzkrieg

    Roster thoughts

    True... youre almost asking for some BS feedback by not posting this in the help forum. That said you hope that you get at least 3 wr2s best case out of that group.