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  1. Ray Finkle

    RB decisions

    I've got serious RB decisions & it being playoff week I'm asking for some help. I can start 3 P Lindsay @ SF L Fournette @ Tenn N Chubb v Car S Ware v Bal D Johnson v Det D Cook @ Sea I feel like Lindsay & Fournette are must starters but torn between Johnson, Chubb & Ware. The guy Im playing has Mahomes & I'm not much on starting a player to counter opponent's QB & Ware didn't impress much last game. Any suggestions? Thank you
  2. Ray Finkle

    Anyone here have the direct tv sunday ticket?

    I was a subscriber until last season. The price has just gotten too high. I've called & suggested several times that they should offer the ability to subscribe to 1 team's games. I'd pay $100 to see one team's games.
  3. Ray Finkle

    Best Country Songs

    Anything by Jamey Johnson is better than anything playing on the radio right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpEOmZTYA4A
  4. Ray Finkle

    Cleveland Defense week 12

    I picked them up too. If I can manage it, I'm gonna pick up whatever team's D that plays Carolina the rest of the way out.
  5. I'd also go with Brandon Jackson. I think he will get more touches than Washington & I don't like playing players off of injuries & even worse the dreaded game time decision & you're screwed. I wouldn't touch Bush. Thanks for answering mine
  6. Ray Finkle

    RB quandary

    I've got a good problem to have. I have Rashard Mendenhall, Arian Foster & Peyton Hillis. I have to start 2. Foster has been the top scoring rb in our league but he's playing the Jets. Right now I'm starting Mendenhall & Foster. On one hand I'm thinking of sitting Foster b/c of the Jets D & his grandma has died & he may be depressed or he could be motivated. On the other I'm thinking of sitting Mendenhall but he's playing the Raiders in Pittsburgh but he has put up some crappy 5 pt weeks this year. He cost me a win last week with his half assed effort.
  7. Ray Finkle

    Collie is in the lineup today

    Collie ricocheted off the first hit. There was no way Coleman could avoid making the contact. Even Phil Simms said that Collie had caught the ball & protected himself turning himself into a runner. Then he said that you could make helmet to helmet contact with a runner just not a defenseless WR or QB. It was a bad call & a legal football hit.
  8. Ray Finkle

    how did you originally find this site?

    I was turned onto this site by some guy who called himself the "latin pimp"
  9. Ray Finkle

    How good will Vick be when he plays a real def?

    I'm a life long Falcons fan & I got tired of people asking the same questions when Vick was in Atl. He was a winner. When Atl had Vick at qb, you went into every game thinking you had a chance to win. He did not have the best stats but he brought more excitement to Atl than had been there since Deion & Hammer were running the sidelines. Now he's on a better overall team with a better Head Coach. Andy Reid is by far a better coach than anyone in Atl that Vick had except for maybe Dan Reeves who Vick had his most success with. He's also on a team that was winning before he arrived. DeSean Jackson is a better WR than Roddy was with Vick. Jeremy Maclin is better than any wr #2 than Atl had. Back when Vick was in Atl, Crumpler was his main target & Brent Celek is just as good than Crumpler was. He's in a better situation & has a better chance to make plays. When he was in Atl, he was the show. Everyone knew to game plan for Vick & everything else will be fine. Vick's just part of the success in Philly. I also think Vick's prison time has helped him with his work ethic & arrogance which in term is going to help him on the field. As far as your original question, I don't think Vick will ever be Peyton or Brady statisticly but Vick isn't a prototype pocket passer either. I think Vick will be fine.
  10. Ray Finkle

    which RB to I start?

    There's nothing else to say. I'd bench all Panthers until a major change has happened & Clausen isn't that change. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=371629
  11. Ray Finkle

    Portis @ STL or DeAngelo Williams vs CIN?

    For what its worth I'd start Portis. It is still the Rams & the they look better than Carolina does at this point.
  12. Ray Finkle

    Help decide which 2 RBs

    I've always drafted RB heavy & this year I think I did exceptionally well except for the fact I have RB questions every week. I have to start 2...opinions Gore @ KC Foster v Dal Mendenhall @ TB Best @ Minn Right now I'm starting Gore & Foster b/c Foster is at home & you know the Texans are gonna be pumped to put Dallas at 0-3. I also can't see why you'd sit Gore.
  13. Ray Finkle

    Who's Rolling with Vick in Week 2?

    Right now I'm starting Vick over Eli. Anyone think that's a bad idea?
  14. Ray Finkle

    waiver wire help

    I'd go Holt. Holt has more yds than Berrian but no tds. Berrian only has 1 td. When you factor in the revenge game on the Rams, to me there's no question to start Holt.
  15. I don't know how I ended up like this but I've got 4 good RBs but can only start 2. This week I'm really confused on who to start. Adrian Peterson - He's going against Baltimore in Minnesota...how can you sit AP? right? Ryan Grant - He's got Detroit in GB. I know a lot of people are disappointed but he's been a good 10 pts every week & this week he's got Detroit. Kevin Smith - Like Grant he's been a solid 10 pts every week. If he doesn't get a td, he gets 100 yds combined. Ray Rice - He has been on fire of late & like AP, I hate to sit him. I like it when my players play each other. That way one of my RBs will be on the field at all times & hopefully scoring for me. I'm thinking of starting AP & Ray Rice but I like the matchup Ryan Grant has but also Kevin Smith. opinions?