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  1. NorthernVike

    Carbon offset fee/tax

    You two ugly basturds couldn't get laid in an Asian massage parlor. Didn't have kids by choice. Who you trying to fool. Fools.
  2. NorthernVike

    Life comes at you fast: Creepy Porn Lawyer edition

    I don't see him listed anymore. But dam there's some hotties on that list.
  3. NorthernVike

    Carbon offset fee/tax

    I have over six acres, 2/3 of that are trees. I have a negative carbon footprint on this world. I'd be willing to sell some offset credits to you losers. Bidding starts at $100,000's an acre.
  4. NorthernVike

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. Is as dilutional as wiff. He writes for slant. I mean slate. How Robert Mueller Failed Us I have from the very beginning been skeptical of special counsel Robert Mueller’s approach of not directly providing accurate, real-time information to the American people about his investigatory progress and conclusions. Sunday’s events strongly confirm my views. Mueller’s nearly two-year news blackout, while inexplicably praised and admired by the news media, has severely harmed justice and democracy. It prevented all of us from knowing and deliberating and making judgments about the facts and circumstances as we considered vital matters that go to the very essence of our government, and invited both Republicans and Democrats to spin their own stories in the information vacuum. Mueller has been lauded as a disciplined, monklike Sphynx of a prosecutor, staying quiet as he and his team diligently investigated Russian interference and the president’s possible role in it. All the while, his investigation has been trashed relentlessly by the ostensible target of its probe, President Donald J. Trump, who repeatedly called the Mueller probe a “Witch Hunt” and a “hoax” and labeled Mueller’s team as 13 (and then 17) “angry Democrats.” Trump’s legal and political teams amplified this message. And yet the Mueller team never fought back, instead letting its work in court and behind the scenes speak for itself. This was a big mistake. Mueller and his team never held a single press conference to explain what they were doing or their thinking and strategy, let alone the basis of their convictions, guilty pleas, and indictments, respectively, against Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Rick Gates, Roger Stone, and others. They let Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, announce and supposedly explain indictments and other actions by their office, but he seemed to go out of his way to downplay any broader significance and to avoid providing context, which diluted the value of the information for public understanding. You might say those indictments spoke for themselves, but if you were surprised to read the conclusions in Attorney General William Barr’s letter on Sunday, or have many follow-up questions, then maybe they did not. Mueller kept us all in suspense and in the dark as voters and citizens, whatever our political views, about major issues of public concern and importance—including whether the president of the United States and his campaign and compatriots conspired with a foreign adversary to corrupt a presidential election and obstruct investigations aimed at that possible crime. The spokesman for the Mueller investigation, Peter Carr, has been a no-comment machine. He has basically spoken only once—to dispute a story from BuzzFeed that was largely correct, giving a nice boost to Trump. Other than that, Mueller let Trump and his legal team and surrogates set the terms—either collusion or “no collusion”—and attack the Office of Special Counsel with impunity, undermining public confidence in our justice system. On Friday, Mueller ceded ultimate authority and at the same time left us in the dark. Rather than holding a press conference to explain what he has been doing, what he has concluded and why, Mueller simply sent his report to Barr, who once wrote a memo explaining why Trump had not obstructed justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey. Then Mueller checked out. On Sunday, Barr delivered to Congress a four-page letter characterizing Mueller’s report but leaving much to the imagination. Mueller went to church across the street from the White House and said nothing. Based on Barr’s letter, Trump and his team gleefully claimed, without any apparent fear of response from Mueller, “total and complete exoneration,” even though Mueller’s report, according to Barr’s own terse summary, explicitly said that the finding “does not exonerate” Trump. It didn’t have to go down like this. Instead of remaining silent and secretive for almost two years, Mueller and his prosecutorial team could have acted more like the Justice Department itself does in ordinary times, holding press conferences and briefing reporters on background, explaining their decisions to indict and not indict and helping us all understand what was going on in this tense, intense investigation that goes to the very heart of how we govern ourselves and protect our electoral system. Mueller could have, and should have, stood before reporters and the American people to announce and explain his conclusions so we could all consider and debate their validity. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/how-robert-mueller-failed-us/ar-BBVdejV?li=BBnb7Kz There's more but you get the gist of his non sense.
  5. NorthernVike

    Instagram and Reddit search tips

    Now that's what I'm talking about.
  6. NorthernVike

    What caused Funny Picture thread lock?

    I doubt any one reported anything. Mike just finally realized he left the light on and turned it off. It's not like we're dealing with a rocket surgeon here folks.
  7. NorthernVike

    Gronk.....peace out!

    This has potential. Will they have to dumb him down for the in ring interview?
  8. NorthernVike

    Good Morning

    It's when a black guy dresses in white face.
  9. NorthernVike

    Forums Software Upgrade - 2/5/19

    Bring back the pics!
  10. NorthernVike

    Instagram and Reddit search tips

    I may be the last person in America to go to these sites so help an old focker out. Looking for hot chicks and the funny.
  11. NorthernVike

    Mike - Bring back the pictures

    No link again? Who the hell do you think you are? Wiff?
  12. NorthernVike

    Mike - Bring back the pictures