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  1. DPG78

    Red Dead Redemption end game

    Why dont you finish the game first dipsh*t
  2. DPG78

    Christmas Tree: real or fake?

    Fake Up: Weekend after Thanksgiving Down: Jan 2nd
  3. DPG78

    Your Championship Team

    12 team; non-PPR; redraft QB: Tony Romo (4th RD) RB: Chris Johnson (1st RD) RB: Ray Rice (6th RD) WR: Calvin Johnson (2nd RD) WR: Steve Breaston (10th RD) (typically started Burelson (13th RD) TE: John Carlson (11th RD) (had Cooley (8th RD) before he got hurt) K: Ryan Longwell (16th RD) D/ST: Jets (17th RD) (started the Jets all year except for the championship week, picked up the Falcons) Finished the season with #1 seed and won the Championship
  4. DPG78

    How are you going to spend your winnings?

    I was going to be another flat screen but decided to to just get an iPod Touch and use the rest to pay off CC debt.
  5. DPG78

    Ronnie Brown and Bowe for Megatron

    I would do this deal, not a big Brown fan and obviously Megatron is a huge upgrade over Bowe, yeah you might be a little thin at RB, but I like McFadden more than Brown anyways, and with the way LT looks Sproles will give you that depth, I think you have to make this deal.
  6. DPG78

    Roy W or Portis

    Portis should put up good numbers against the Rams, Romo will be feelin the rush all night against the GMen, i think Roy is hurt the most this week out of that Cowboys lineup.
  7. DPG78

    Lineup Help

    Standard scoring, non-ppr... RB, choose 1: Caddy @ Buf R.Rice @ SD Kevin Smith vs MIN WR, choose 1: Burleson @ SF Holt vs ARZ TE, choose 1: J.Carlson @ SF Cooley vs STL Got Caddy starting right now, but he is still splitting carries where Smith will get them all, but its against the Vikes. Burleson got the looks last week but they still have Housh and Carlson. Like both TE options alot, might just be a coin flip on that one.
  8. DPG78

    Blackberry or Iphone

    Blackberry hands down.
  9. DPG78

    Fantasy Baseball Winners riding the wave!

    We play with the majority of the same guys in football, baseball and basketball... I have won basketball 3 of the last 4 years, won baseball last year and am in 2nd right now, and made the championship in football 3 straight years, winning once, its been a nice run over the past few years, I draft 12th in a 12 team this year in football, hopefully I can keep it going...
  10. DPG78

    Attention all potential traders this year!

    People still play with roster restrictions?
  11. DPG78

    Best FF Host Site?

    Another vote for CBS. This is our 6th year using CBS Commish and we love for all the reasons already mentioned. Also love the ability to post YouTube videos on the front page. This is also the 2nd year we have used CBS Commish for baseball and plan on using CBS Commish for basketball as well next year.
  12. DPG78

    call all commisssioners, or anyone

    The guy who contacted you first gets him. Back in the day before the internet we ran it the same way first come, first served. First person to leave a voicemail on my phone got the guy. By going to you that is as good as getting there first on the website when there is an issue with the site. Tell the girl who got him in the morning too bad so sad and to have fun looking for a new league. Also, start using a waiver wire, first come fist serve is bush unless your all 16 and have no lives.
  13. DPG78

    Top 5 draft Day Steals 8/20

    I got Fred Taylor and D.Foster as my 5th and 6th RB's. I got Foster with the last pick in Round 15 of a 16 round draft. (10 teams.)
  14. DPG78

    Madden 08

    DPG2119 I suck.
  15. DPG78

    14 team leagues?

    12 teams 3 divisions 4 teams in each division. play the teams in your division twice non-division teams once same divisions every year